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What’s wrong with getting old?

It’s true we usually struggle with our weight when those forties come around the corner. That’s something we can live without.

It’s also true that wrinkles and grays are all over the place. L’Oreal becomes our middle name, at least for us ladies.

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But, what really is wrong with that anyway?

With our years comes an understanding of who we are, where we’ve been, and most important of all where we’re heading.  I’m not saying that with age regret comes along once in a while, and the dam what ifs, but there is no way we’re not going to have those.

I’d say its more about counting the good things and marking off as experience the bad.

I’m not a hypocrite when I say that I really don’t care a bit on staying young, don’t get me wrong I do want to look good for my age.  There’s a slight difference there, just bear with me so I can offer you my insight.

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Trying to hold on to your youth it a total waste of time and by the way its a myth. That forever quest to reach the so called fountain of youth can prove to be tiring.

Reality is years do pass and they leave a trail behind not only on our body, but also on our soul. The truth to be told is that we’re scared one day we’re going to wake up and discover its over.

Going back to my youth,  I can honestly say it was an uncertain time.  I didn’t have much experience in life and I made a bundle of mistakes.  Some I’ve repeated during my life a couple of times because I failed to reflect and learn from them.

I was raising my children and trying to cope with a relationship at a very young age.  Not something I would want to repeat!!!  I’m more than happy we’ve remained together and in love over the years, this after all has given me the emotional stability I was in need of.

I didn’t value my health as much as I should have, and now I know the importance of that.

The years have given me a maturity I lacked, and most of all have given me peace of mind.

I no longer have the beautiful skin I used to, but it’s fine.  I’ve learned to accept that these wrinkles are the price for what I’ve gained.

My knees hurt a bit when I go to sleep at night, however I’m grateful for them because they’ve taken me many places and they’ve been good to me.

My back hurts as well, but that’s also a small price to pay for all the countless times it has helped my hips carry my children and care for my beloved husband while he was sick.  I have faith that it will keep me going as one day I will care for my parents towards the end of their lives.  It still has work ahead of it, so I might as well treasure it with love and care.

Time never stops and it’s useless to want to recapture our youth and go backwards instead of forward.  It’s all about embracing who we’ve become.

I’m not saying to let yourself go in a sense where you no longer care how you look, but face who you are and take care of what you’ve become.

You know my dear friends it’s all about being able to do the balancing act because at the end we just want to know we’ve lived a worthy life.

Sunset at Aguadilla's Crash Boat.

What better words to end this post, then those of an abstract of a poem I hold close to my heart since the very first time I read it a long time ago,

In Peace

Amado Nervo

Very close to my sunset, I bless you, life,
because you never gave me no hope failed,
no jobs unjust, undeserved punishment;

I see the end of my rough road
I was the architect of my own destiny;

… True, my blossoms will follow the winter:
But you did not tell me that May was eternal!

I loved, was loved, the sun caressed my face.
Life, you owe me nothing! Life, we are in peace!