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Life’s Curve Balls


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Dear readers, sometimes life throws at us a curve ball.  The unexpected happens and leaves us confused and to an extent shocked.

Nonetheless, that pitcher was getting ready all along to make his move. What happened is that player at home didn’t see it coming.

In a sense life is like that sometimes.


We think we’re positioned correctly on that home base,  living flawless lives from our point of view.  However, when those life events come around that don’t match with whatever plans we have in our heads, we are left confused about what to do next.

It’s easy to judge from afar when something happens to people that surround us in a way or two,  but I’ll rather learn from those experiences any given day.

Recently a childhood friend passed and I felt sad about his too soon departure from this world, my daughter pointed out quickly that everything doesn’t have to be a learning experience.

Well, for me it is.  That’s who I am.

Some life lessons are not learned once, but many times through the course of our lives.

Resilience is one of them.  We have to get out of those comfort zones so we can reconnect with things and people who are an important part of our lives. It’s never giving up to whatever circumstance we have in our lives.

It can be loosing your job, facing an accident, or having to deal with loss. As to mention just a few of the multiple things that happen to everyone in exponential terms on this blue ball.

Let’s reach out, learn and love.  It sounds just right out of “Barney”, but it feels darn good to do something good and not be petty about things.  We can’t control life, it just happens.

Next time life throws one of its famous curve balls, instead of being confused let’s hit a one of a kind home-run.

So my dear friends, be good to yourself and to others, recycle to conserve this beautiful planet and find compassion to deal with everything we have to deal with on a daily basis.  Today is here and tomorrow is a surprise, don’t let today just slip away between your fingers, live intentionally.

See you around the corner.





Between This and That


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Dear readers, I’ve come to love the words “this” and “that” I think more than I should.  They represent whatever whenever and those my friends are the special moments in life.

For instance, today as we met with Mother Nature in a gathering our church organized we had time to reacquaint with friends, extended family and everyone in between. Most of all, we had time to simply admire the the lazy beauty of this unbothered creek.

With the passing of the day I felt in peace with myself and the world.  I felt my little space of solitude with my personal this and that.

All of us need those unnamed moments that mostly require a minimum of effort and can frequently pass inadvertently.

Tres Pasos Las Marias

Photo credit Francisco J. Quintana

We all want to believe in the best of the human race, but we all know that life is a jungle out there.  If not, tune into Game of Thrones and you’ll get to witness the crudity of violence in its very essence. The worst part is that we crave for it.

Our world each day witness horrors that berate our core making us want to sink in our occidental fantasies that are produced by a few that hold power in our media.

You would think that there is nowhere to turn to, however today the simple passing of the water through the creek contained,  even if just for “that” moment,  the power of healing a brittle soul of a believer that worries maybe to much about a world that spirals out of control with the passing of each and every day.

Within small conversations, human touch and a little bit of laughter today has been a good day.

See you around, thanks for stopping by and find the good within you and share it with someone.


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