Life After the Blender


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Dear readers, setting up camp at night in my family-living room has become the norm in our family.  The nighttime is the worst part of the day, probably because the worst earthquake until now hit during the night.  Feeling everything  move around you as if you were in a blender isn’t fun at all.  It’s  like waking up in the middle of a nightmare.

In the wake of a swarm of earthquakes that are altering our day to day, it’s become hard to get back where we were prior to January 6th, 2020.

One thing is crystal clear to me life after the blender is going to be difficult.

Seismic awareness is central for me.  Now I plan how I’m storing my personal belongings,  and thinking twice before I make purchases.  Now having enough put away for a rainy day has become a reality,  not money-wise but pantry-wise.

After the Blender

photo credit via morguefile

Having food stashed at home is as good as having hard earned cash.

Having water stored for a rainy day, as well.

But most importantly of it all is having a contingent plan in place and working.  Each plan needs to be tailored  for each family.  We all come in different sizes and blends, each one has to come up with their particular plan.

Understanding that we can only count on our own resources and community.

However, the most important thing for me after the blender, is becoming aware of how nature is our Mother Earth.   The creation, this marvelous world with all it’s wonders is God’s mirror.  As humans we need to co-exist with it, not trying to make paths along the ways where we are not supposed to,  but using our conscious being to respect it.

As a  human I’m obsessed with ownership like the rest of humanity.   The blender reminds  me that it’s okay to surround myself with the things that bring me joy and happiness, but also I need to remind myself that even if I would to loose the material,  I’ve  made a life long worth of deposits in my emotional bank  account that is full of memories from which I can withdraw  happiness and joy whenever I need them.

I strive now to be seismic ready not only physically, but also emotionally.  My  mental health is so much more important than anything that I may own.  The bridges I need to reinforce are those who can make my emotional life stronger.  I only hope I can find like Pema Chodron says, “courage to rest in the open space of uncertainty, instead of trying to put things back together when they fall apart”.

So my dear friends, be kind to yourself and to each other, and have me and the Island of Puerto Rico in your prayers.

Hasta pronto.




One Million Questions


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Dear readers, as humans we never stop asking ourselves questions.  We want to know all the why’s, all the reasons listed neatly below our diverse dilemmas of our every day lives.  Nonetheless, we want to skip the process of agreeing with our why’s.

My generation (Generation X) were taught by the Baby Boomers (My parents) to always comply with the rules, no questions asked.  I’ve seen a shift in this trend for sure, specially after watching Meryl Streep’s superb performance in Laundromat.  Mostly her interrogatives at the end of it were all open end questions, almost all beginning with the powerful “Why?”.

My little boy belongs to a generation that after listening to the list of rules laid before him, he will then proceed to ask, “Why?”.

All of us for sure have a list of why’s, that some will place in the open and others, like me, will try to shy away from.  The power of the why walks us through different stages of thinking and creating consciousness of our choices, of our circumstances, or of our perspectives on so many different things, persons or events in our lives.

So my dear friends, what is the point I would like to make today?


It’s not about the generation we belong to,  did, does or will do, but more about how many questions we are willing to ask ourselves.  How many why’s do we want to discover the answers to.

The path of the one million questions can be painful.

We may have to cry a bit after we discover ourselves, not to dwell on our sadness, but to cleanse our spirit. 

We will probably laugh at ourselves, maybe finding ourselves a bit ridiculous.

We will give ourselves a mental pat in the back or a thumbs up, and maybe we will want to kick ourselves in the butt.

And, lastly but not less important, we will thank ourselves for having practiced the powerful “Why?”.

See you around the corner, be kind to yourself and others, and make your world the best place to live in because there is no way we will as a collective  inhabit a world that will ever be perfect.  Hasta pronto!



Our Realms


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Dear readers, if I would choose a word to describe what I felt while watching the documentary Magical Andes on Netflix I would probably pick, “MESMERIZED”.

Scene after scene threw me an awe.

I marveled on the beauty, wonders and dangers each one of them had.  I marveled on the relationship many who lived there had with the mountains.  How they revered them to an extent.

I thought for a moment that heaven probably would look like that.


photo credit via Morguefile

It was a glimpse of Mother Earth showcasing it’s wonders, untouched by humanity.

Life burst like the active volcanoes that it has  within  its range.

I think  that humanity is closer to God when we can listen, see and experience  nature. We stumble continuously upon buildings  utilized as temples, synagogues, mesquites and so on,  all of them particular to the faith tradition people who gather there practice.

We visit these places to venerate and seek God.   But what if, every once in a while we let us seek God in the home He created.  When you visit a friend, well you go to his or her house.  We experience joy and comfort when we connect to them in their surroundings.

So my dear friends, what I’m saying is that if  we want  to go and visit  God, to have a nice chat, to find some peace for our spirits,  to connect, to let ourselves be transformed with and by love, it’s not such a bad idea to look for a beautiful natural landscape once in a while and sit still  and God’s spirit will certainly touch our lives in ways that will make us wonder.

The buildings, they have their purpose as well,  they are there to build community. We just have to remember  this.  People don’t need to go to church to seek God  and his blessings, people need to go to church to connect with others.   We need to go to  church to be able to share with others our joys and our burdens out  of love  for one another. Not perfect people, but just people.

Today is Sunday, the perfect day to seek some solace and marvel in the beauty of this astonishing world we live in.  Let us quiet our minds, and open our ears to listen to God’s voice through the many sounds of nature.  Let’s set aside the “dogma” our times have engineered and experience the simplicity of realizing that  we  get to live in the here and now.

Love and let yourself be loved.

Seek community in the building and seek God in the mountain or shore.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember be kind to others and yourself.  See you around the corner.  Hasta pronto!


It Takes More Than Believing


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Dear readers, I’ve been on my quest to become a better person for many years now.

For some time I thought that “it” meaning transforming myself into what I had thought was the best version of myself, would come “naturally” meaning I would have to do nothing more than believe and a magical wand would transform me.

By the way that’s how my blog ended up with it’s name.

Boy, was I wrong!


Transformation requires being stunned, it takes time, patience and a ton of work.

It means that each and every morning when I wake up, I tune myself into nature, into everything that surrounds me and I practice no harm, love, self-awareness and mindfulness.

In a world where consumption, criticism, hatred and violence are practiced so vehemently by so many, it’s like swimming against the current, feeling you’ll drown any minute.

Which makes me lazy once in a while.  I ask myself, “Why practice?”, “It doesn’t really make a difference in the world.”, “Why put myself through this each day?, “Why not just join the crowd?”.  However, that would certainly unleash the crazy monkeys who would probably make a home in my thoughts.

I struggle with my mental health every day, it’s my little secret.   I’ve really gotten good at hiding and blending in. Although, lately I no longer try to reject that part of who I am, I’ll rather embrace it and love myself with an “all inclusive” attitude.   I’ve  basically wrestled with it since a very young  age and I’m  tired of   doing that.  I’ve been thinking about therapy for some time now (like a year or so), but that very first step is hard to take.  Which takes me back to my starting point, my day to day practice which keeps me sane in the midst of the jungle of my thoughts.  My practice lets every part of who I am live in harmony.

So my dear friends, I do conquer lazy and come back again and again, to my practice. I hold myself accountable for living my life the best I can, always trying to remember that in all of us live good and bad. We just have to work on our good! Sometimes it only  takes a shared story and a good laugh to make us feel that everything will be fine. That we can share our lives with all that negativity that permeates everything.

I would say that humanity’s greatest challenge today is being able to live and let live.

That being said, thanks for stopping by and remember to practice kindness to yourself and others.  See you around the corner.  Hasta pronto!




Why Keep Quiet


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Dear readers, words are powerful stuff.  That is certainly no secret, nonetheless people don’t give to much thought when speaking their mind and dumping all their views and opinions at  large.

And “at large”  now a days is really easy when you utilize the wide variety of social platforms that are available to just dump anything at anytime. Which is by the way our default way of acting.

There is a popular saying that goes like this (I think) “Bricks and bones can hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me.” I personally would rewrite it and say, “Bricks and bones can hurt my bones, and words can deeply hurt me.”. Words can hurt you beyond anything, they sink into our souls like heavy vessels made out of the best metal.

Words stay with us forever.


photo credit via Morguefile

Words that are uttered in anger resonate in our minds and are replayed thousands of times during our lifetime.

The thing is that after receiving them it’s dam hard to  let them go.

I’ve tried  to transform my thinking to an extent. However, I’m just human so now and then it gets difficult to follow through on my practice of letting go.

Each night when I go to bed, I visualize five things to let go.  Some our acts, others are words.  The curious thing is that contradictory or adverse life events our easier than words spoken to me.  I cling to them!!!

Words  hurt more when we are vulnerable.

Probably that’s why people say that life has “toughened” them up.  Which basically means that they have created coping mechanisms where shields and walls have been erected.  The negative side of that would be that feeling are safely  tucked away, however we run into the risk of being stripped of our sensibilities as well, and fear creeps up on you fast and furiously.

What would be a great solution?

Just to remain quiet.

In  the pockets of our souls quiet and solitude are precious gems.

Becoming mindful embraces many aspects of our lives.

It would be tremendously generous not only to ourselves, but to  others to be careful and watchful of our reactive responses.  We don’t need to become  Judge Judy to humanity.  At the end of the day we are only just humans, all of us full of good and bad.   What we probably would need is to have  our good always ready and nourished so it can overcome our bad.

Even if it sounds corny, love and compassion are the best choices any human can make. Both give us joy and make our lives so much more meaningful.

Now a days I try to remain quiet out of love.  Being watchful of my words, so when I’m gone the words I’ve spoken resonate as a loving whisper of compassion and kindness and not as a whip of hatred and cruelty.

But hey,  I’m only human,   transforming myself takes a lot of work so that’s  why I practice each day walking under God’s amazing  grace and love.

So next time you feel like pouring out some steam through your words, try writing them down and seeing  them for what they are, powerful weapons of destruction or construction.   You get to choose what’s it going to be.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to be kind to yourself and to others. See you around the corner.  Hasta pronto!