Bloggers Did What Bloggers Do


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Dear readers, blogging has become like the everyday life of the everyday people.  We are bombarded by inspiration, meanness, sadness, tragedy, crime, politics, dirty politics, the right-left and every wing in between and more of everything, everybody and anyone in this vast wired universe.  Affluence and influence are big out there also and everyone seems to be finding a voice.  Didn’t know mine or anybody’s voice was lost in the first place.


Celebrities use their platforms to preach love and spend part of their millions in this or that charity and are listed as philanthropists which makes it okay then to follow them with the million or so followers in their respective social platforms.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love Alicia Keys or Ellen (with her I always have my reserves) she just has that wee bit of something that sets me off.  Many of them joining the vlogger movement which is awesome.  I like vloggers because I can see their expressions and voice inflections which make their presentations interesting.  Nevertheless, their social platforms are only just that, like everybody’s else not to taken too seriously.  If we were as rich or famous probably are public representative people would tell us what to put out there.

This line of thinking came after listening  to Michelle Obama say,  “bloggers did what bloggers do…” when talking about her personal experiences in the world of politics in her memoir.   That line just sparked something in me,  it made me reflect on that statement, and ask myself,

What is it that bloggers do?

The answer is simple and straightforward, we write about the topic trending at hand.

I can only imagine that today BlogHer or whatever it is their calling themselves today, HuffPost and all major blogging platforms blogging (which translates into writing) about the JetBlue rapists creeps. Their lives will be dissected and their stupidity and criminal acts will be blasted all over the web in depth.  Not leaving behind the actions that JetBlue took or did not take about it.  These two creeps have jobs where the lives of many are on the line, how can you place your trust in a company that is an epic fail when testing their employees for any type of drugs. Being myself one of the naive people that catch a flight or two every once in a while.

Bloggers are doing their work as writers, but the targeted audience sometimes is just plain lost.  You know our community is a powerful one because we are sparking conversations about important topics going on in the world.  I’m just using the term “we” loosely because I’m a microscopic part of this complex organism.

Blogging or vlogging are creative outlets for many people, some famous some not, some seeking their fifteen minutes of viral or so.  But you know, the best part is that you can express your feeling, share information or just write however it is you do it and connect with someone that will stumble upon your piece. It’s like a freelancing essay that will not be submitted for neither your peers or your teacher.

For me there is only one point which should be the golden rule, always utilize “writing ethic” which means no trolling, slashing, or demeaning any person and I mean everyone doesn’t matter the circumstance or the social standing of who it is.  Personally I strongly dislike parodies and also memes (Eddie Murphy’s take on Mr. Rogers made me cry).  I understand that everyone wants a piece of the pie and many celebrities and politicians walk easily into situations that later make them  laughing stock of millions around the world.

People should have the opportunity of passing judgement of the facts without editing.

As bloggers when writing about breaking news or events we should only try to write about it in our clearest voice, I’m not digging the whole voice situation. Everyone has a voice and uses it often, its using it in the best ethical way possible.

Just blog on…….. I’ll keep doing the same from my tiny microscopic place.






Who, What, Where & When To Theory

I set out to read on how to achieve my goals on shedding some pounds before next Summer.  We live in the so called Expert Era, where we can find experts on almost any subject or life matter with a few clicks here and there.  Which lead me to,  reading on how other women were doing it.  I stumbled across some blogs and articles and fell asleep reading.   My last thoughts last night before slumbering were, “I think I’m going to do what “whoever” said about beginning my weight loss plans this next Sunday!”.

This morning as I got ready to begin my day , thoughts of,

“Gee, why the heck do I need to rely on the “Who, What, Where, and When To Theory”?”

If I want to loose some pounds to look better and feel more energetic and overall healthier, not to mention that my glucose levels will thank me, all I need to do is be a sensible and responsible person and banning television (I snack as hell when I watch my “Countdown to Whatever” on Hallmark) at night.

This theory isn’t something new,  just take a moment and watch WALL-E.  All the answers they are looking for are handed to them from a screen that collects all the information they need.

With news popping on our screens constantly our brains never have an opportunity to unwind if we don’t force ourselves to disconnect at some point during the day or night.

It’s no wonder we rely heavily on finding someone who will tell us how, what, where and finally when to do something we want to achieve.  The road of no return would be if we began relying on how the Kardashians are doing things and follow their lead.   Probably that’s why branding has come to be part of our lives.


The internet as of June 2018 and with information provided by the United Nations found that 55.1 % of the world’s population has internet access.

Which makes me think that half of the world’s population is relying on the Who, What, Where and When To Theory for their day to day activities and choice making.  We get from news to the latest life hacks and everything in between delivered to the palms of our hands.

As a Who, What, Where and When Theory practitioner myself there is not a single doubt in my mind that this needs to come to an end.

I’ve already began to control social media in my life and am trying to abstain on the constant bombarding of news that I interact with each day.  It’s not that I want to live estranged from reality, but there is so much one can take.  I just want to find the balance that works for me.  There is not a single doubt in my head that my balance only works for me, everyone has to find his or her own without cyber assistance.  It’s more like a old fashion self awareness process, you know how it used to be done.  Like YOU thinking about yourself and how you choose to live your life.

The experience of our individual soul searching is far more enriching and fulfilling than any info we can stumble across searching the net’s engines.

Just give it a try.

See you around the corner, and thanks for stopping by.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts with someone you love through conversation and some coffee.



The Road of Mental Illness


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What goes on in the mind of a man that kills himself along with his two children?

When faced to a question without an answer, we disregard further thought and explain it with two words, “mental illness”.

I wasn’t catching all the reporter’s words because Ian had come from our church’s summer camp and he was talking to me about something his camp leader had asked him to bring tomorrow. So, I kept on asking my husband, “What did she say?”.

Carlos replied, “I’m not paying too much attention to the report.”

I knew he was trying not to get his head wrapped around the news clip, with thoughts about the two boys who perished with their dad. As a father he just can’t understand an atrocity like this.

Mental illness is blamed more too often for everything from mass shootings to callous murders.  I’m not saying it isn’t the issue at hand, but there are preventive measures we can take to avoid these tragedies.


Carlos lost his job last year, a job he thought he would retire from and that brought an enormous emotional baggage he had to deal with. It has been hard on him and on our family, but we’re working at it.  This man had also lost his job and was facing a tough reality in front of him.  He took the easy way out.

Just looking at my seven-year-old, I felt heavy hearted just thinking about how innocent he is and how blindly he trusts us.  Those two boys trusted their father the very same way.

I only can think about, what they asked him, if they were hungry or thirsty, or if they were asking him where their mommy was. Answers to these questions will remain unanswered to us.

When events like this happen, people have a hard time believing in anything. These events compromise humanity’s faith because there is the underlying question of, “Why did God let this happen?” “Where was God?” However, you can’t forget that as humans one of the endowments we possess is free will.

We make choices.

Today this man chose death over life.

Surpassing all the things that are categorized under mental health, we need to be vigilant of those who surround us.

This life has so many ups and downs, but one of the most beautiful things we can do for ourselves is develop creativity.  Create new things when those we have get broken.  Shifting paradigms and rewriting our lives with brand new scripts to tell a new story.  This is the message we need to deliver to those we love and those we meet.  A message of hope, so they can believe that things will get better.

It’s a difficult road to travel because sometimes people don’t want to listen to a message of hope or any kind of message.  Nonetheless, we need to keep on trying and find the courage to confront someone we think may harm themselves or those they love.

So, next time we come across a situation we may easily categorize under “mental health” issues, let’s take a moment to readdress the situation with the mentality of what can I do to help this person and offer him, or her preventive self-care not only for their own safekeeping, but also for their family.

See you around the corner, and thanks for stopping by. And remember  be kind to yourself and to others.  Kindness my dear friends can go a very long way.



Time and Time Again


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Dear readers, haven’t you ever wondered about how from time and time again we walk through the same paths during our lives.

As days, weeks, months and years pass we come back to face the same dilemmas, the same joys and the same people over and over again.  We run parallel to that and them, never being able to run to far away.

It’s as we have been stringed to the same things.  Life is indeed a mystery.


I’ve seen this in my life and even though it may seem a burden to an extent, it is also a blessing in many ways.  Uuuf, just take illness, that’s one I could have declined very easily if given the choice, my husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis early on in our marriage, my kids seem always to have a health issue of one sort of the other (thank God none of too much concern), and I’ve battled against Myasthenia Gravis for the past twelve years.  It ain’t easy!!!!!!!!!!!! However, it’s not that bad either, through my illness I’m always trying to strive to make my day, the best day ever.

All of us have to face the same challenges.  We all wake up in the morning not certain of anything that will happen that day.  It could be like any other day or it can be a day that will change the course of our life.  The only difference from people who face the incognito with a disease is that our self-awareness is always at high, or at least mine is.

I’ve come to accept with a grateful heart those who have chose to be close to me and have enriched my life in so many ways.  Building relationships are the toughest of all the quests in life, but it sure feels great when you get to a point where you can rest assured and safe inside those relationships.

Believing that a higher power, name it whatever you want, keeps us in balance, stringed to the things and people we need for whatever it is we need to be in our lives is the most amazing experience you or I will ever have.  I am grateful with a humble heart  for the good, for the bad, each and everything that lies in between and within my life and to be able to be living and enjoying today’s day.

Have a great day everyone, see you around the corner and thanks for stopping by.