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The Miracle of Healing

Dear readers,  I take my life one day at a time because just dealing with today is hard enough.

Our routines and so much more have a direct impact on those who surround and love us deeply. They live through our ups and downs, sometimes voicing their feelings and other times just remaining silent.  It’s hard on us and  for them as well.

As I sorted my daughter’s things trying to organize her room I stumbled upon  a prayer she wrote during the Summer while I was trying to recover after receiving treatment in the Hospital.  Her prayer was issued in a secluded place between God and her, and even though it was not intended to be shared with anyone, today I share it with all of those who are caregivers of those they love, let the miracle of healing begin within us all.

Photo credit Stephanie Quintana Union Theological Seminary NY. NY

“I heard once that prayer is about redefining our desires,  it is about being open to ask for guidance,  and even though we do not control our journey that does not mean we are astray.

Today I pray open to hear, even when that fills me with fear.  

Dear Gracious God, I am not praying to give excuses or explain my silence.  Whom I am trying to fool? My silence is yet nothing more than silent panic. 

You know that.

I pray for longer walks, for less tiredness. 

I pray for more smiles and restfulness of spirit.

I pray that the spirit might comfort the body.

I pray for shorter naps and more energy.

I pray for coffee @3 pm between shared stories. 

I pray for our usual complicity to remain intact in times of sickness. 

I pray for our unspoken bond to grow stronger in the face of weakness.

I pray that we can share prayers.

I pray that her body can gain strength while her spirit stands strong. 

For now, I pray that she can rest knowing that we will do our best holding her so she does not fall.