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Specs in the Universe

Every once in a while we meet people who are self-centered, selfish, and rude.  Even if you would want to (which I don’t) there is no point in trying to disguise the truth of their description.  As a matter of fact,  there are a couple of more adjectives that could have been employed and were not!  When you do come across them, it’s hard not to become infuriated because they just (bottom line) piss you off.

People that have the liability of being to full of themselves don’t realize that we are merely specs in the Universe.

Have you ever wondered in awe just gazing up to sky at night?  Looking at all those stars up there, most are not even there anymore.  Just amazed that you are alive.  Most of all,  sometimes you just ask yourself ,  why are we so full of sh^&%t ?

We are merely one particle in this world, if we think about the Universe we’re not even close of being a particle.

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We have so much that we can offer and do for others.  We can come together as we collaborate with one another as we  build a community where we can all live in peace with one another.

“Life is but only a minute in eternity” 

To make this a  reality  we need to be tuned in with our inner empathy.  Most relationships today are built upon a “need”.  I’m not talking about “need” in a good way, but in a way that we usually are seeking something we “need” when calling or getting acquainted with people.  I’ve heard more than once the phrase, “they call if they need something”.

What a pity!  The beauty of society is that we can build something beautiful out of mutual need.   This “need” is where mutual companionship, respect, friendship and love are combined together and we have the opportunity to give and receive. Don’t ever doubt that giving is as important as receiving.

Life is but only a minute in eternity.  What we do with that minute is up to us.  If you’re not sure where you stand, just take a moment and look at the sky during the night.  That’s what I do, so I don’t get to full of myself. You may feel amazed of how fast you forget about yourself and think about where we stand in the Universe.  So, the next time you stumble upon a rude, selfish, loud and full of himself or herself person just think about the Universe and they wont seem as important anymore.