I Promise You My Love Forever

February is one of my favorite months of the year.

Basically I chose my wedding date based on my preferences.  February 14th would have been my ideal wedding date, but I settled for the 13th.   Why settled?  Because I wanted to get married on Saturday, and the 14th was a Sunday, that’s why.

My compromise became the 13th.

My compromise was basically with myself because my today husband didn’t have much to say in our wedding arrangements or our honeymoon in fact.  (I cancelled our plane tickets and reservations to St. Croix because I didn’t want to travel on the tiny planes Prinair had back then.)

I got to fix that twenty years later, but that’s another story to tell.

Well, coming back to my story… my wedding day.

Did it meet my romantic expectations?

Was my day (forget about the groom), everything it was supposed to be?

Did I pay enough attention to the important stuff,  and I am NOT talking about the gown, cake, buffet, flowers, and so on and so forth.  I mean the really important STUFF, such as, my wedding vows.

Well my dear amigos and amigas, it’s a yes, yes, and kind of yes answer here.

Weddings are stepping-stones in our lives and they mean that changes are about to happen,  and basically your life will never be the same again.

This is some important business we’re talking about.

For many (including myself), it’s all about the day, but there is so much more.

Our wedding vows are the most important thing during that special day.

Ours  were the traditional Christian vows.  We chose them because they were simple and for us they were coming straight from our hearts.

To have and to hold.…. it meant never again would we be alone, no matter what was happening in our lives, we were always going to have each other.

in sickness and in health…. Wow, has this one been a major thing in our lives or what?  Five years into our marriage, my husband was diagnosed with end stage liver disease.  His doctor said, that if no major complications were present, he had at least two more years.  At our young ages of 27 we were about to face one of the major challenges of our lives, having him be listed for a liver transplant.

Fast forwarding to the point of our discussion, he got his new liver, made it through and I was with him all the way.  He received a gift of life through organ donation and I got to keep my sweetheart to raise our beautiful family.

For richer or for poorer…. we’ve been poorer then richer during our marriage, but as my husband always says,  “as long as we’re together, we’ll work things out”.

I promise you my love forever…. our forever, could have been short-lived and it wasn’t for which I am grateful to God.  I know my husband loves me tons (believe me I’m not easy), he has to.

Wedding Anniversary Post

Why I know???

He’s kept the shirt he bought to change out of his tux the day of our wedding in his closet after all these years.

Today as I was going over his closet to toss out some clothes he’s not using anymore and give them away, I stumbled across the yellow shirt.

I took it out, washed, dried  and hung it back with all his other shirts. He’s not medium or young anymore, but that doesn’t really matter.  He’s the love of my life and I couldn’t have chosen a better man to spend my forever.

So, you see “mis queridos amigos” February still is one of my favorite months, the month we all celebrate love, the people in our lives and the many blessing we get to experience each day.

See your around the corner, and never stop believing in the good of life or yourself.

“Hasta la próxima.”