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Zumba and the Twins: What a combination!

My 72 year old aunt and her twin sister attend zumba classes at our local community center.  Gee, are they something.  I wasn’t familiar with zumba until it became  part of their routines.  Each Tuesday they attend the class.

After getting familiar with this exercise routine I’ve marveled at the fact that they attend them.

Just a couple of weeks ago her doctor prescribed a cane for her.  For crying out loud, now that doesn’t make sense at all.    She doesn’t seem to need the cane when she’s dancing in her class!

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As a disclosure the class isn’t designed for elders, but for a variable group of women with no medical or geriatric consideration.

To make a bit more interesting just one of them participates and the other just sits around and looks how the rest are “exercising”.

I’ve heard for the last couple of weeks about an activity the group is going to host.   They’ve asked for $5.00 for the food that’s going to be served and $10.00 for a T-Shirt.  Oh my God, I’ve heard enough of that for a life time.

I’m just crazy the thing is done and over.

Up to today I really didn’t know how bad my aunt liked to go to her zumba class.

She’s been going through a pretty rough cold, and yesterday she went to the doctor to get it attended. Today we had a rainy afternoon (one of those afternoons where if you’re sick you should be out), but my aunt figured out that she should attend her class.  The problem was getting there.  So, the best thing to do was wait for someone she knew was going and ask for a lift.

Meet the twins.
Meet the twins.

She knew my mom didn’t want her to go because she’s been sick.

My mom wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t have the idea of going out so, she phoned her around five thirty, to which she received no answer.

“Probably with the storm her phone got damaged.”  -she told me when no one picked up.

“Maybe we should go check on her.” – I answered a bit worried because she lives all by herself.

“She’s okay, her phone must have gone dead, that’s all.” -my mom brushed my concern to the side and continued to talk about something else, while I thought that I’ll go check her out in a while so I made sure she wasn’t the one who had gone dead.  If you know what I mean.

I didn’t get to go over because she called me a while after.

To make the story short, my aunt went to her zumba class with a neighbor, but she told me she had hidden herself a bit as she passed in front of my mom’s house because she didn’t want her to see her.

What is she thinking?  She can catch a pneumonia….. she should have stayed home!  -my mom was hearing our conversation.

My mom suggested (as in almost ordered) to my aunt’s twin  to stay put because it had rained all afternoon. So, she missed her fun of just goofing around all the sweaty women dancing around in something they call zumba.

Bottom line, the twins enjoy zumba even if it’s in their own twisted way.   They forget all about their health issues (which I’m not sure even exist) and just dance to the rhythm of whatever music they’re using that day.

They are the oldest in the group and they stand proud of their age.  All they need to do is be smart enough to sneak by without my mom noticing their gone.

So yes, the twins and zumba make a great combination!