Domestic Violence

When Serial Battering Comes Around Your Corner

My blog is about anything and everything that happens to all of us.  Better said, it’s about life with its ups and downs.

However, there is one category that I’m not really into.  Probably it’s because I saw domestic violence from the first row seat during my childhood.

Proyecto Siempre Vivas Mayagüez

As a curious fact, my daughter since her days in college volunteered in a program called Siempre Viva.  She really didn’t know my dad as nothing else then a loving grandfather, so in a way she was bringing closure to all my experiences as a child.

Through her love for serving others, she was able to reach out to many women who were not only battered once, but had suffered serial battering.

Domestic Violence doesn’t know creed, age, profession, or social-economic background.  It’s there and it is not going going away unless we deal with it.

We being a very, very broad word.

Women who are in these types of relationships fail to acknowledge all the signs that lay right in front of their eyes.  They chose to keep their eyes shut, so they don’t have to deal with it.  They want to remain silent because facing the truth is unbearable. Some even think it’s their fault they are battered because they fail to fulfill their partners expectations or desires.

Our society victimizes the victim. Is that redundant or what?  We as in society, the collective  want to blame someone, and who better than the victim herself.  If not, just take a moment to read the comments about the Rice case.  If her then fiancée slapped her and kicked her  around, whose fault was it, HERS.  Really?

If a woman is raped, she was looking for it.  If not, take a moment to listen and you’ll more than likely to hear,

“She’s drunk.”

“She’s dressed like a tart.”

“She slept with everyone in the dorm.”

We can go on forever women and gentlemen, but this post isn’t really about telling tales on one or the other.  It’s about reaching out to someone who is suffering the pain of being battered.

Some are abused verbally and others physically, either way is as hard.  Some are abused both ways, and we can’t help but feel pain watching them struggle with their lives.

People who surround these women have the power of reaching out to them and saying,

“You know what, you are beautiful, intelligent and worthy.”

“You are a great mom, daughter, and friend.”

“How can I help you?”

Don’t be afraid of reaching out and helping others.  If we lose this quality in a world where we all compete in the rat race, where is humanity heading?

Women empowerment is important so they have the tools and resources to face their realities and construct  better lives for themselves and their children.

Each time a women looses her life to domestic violence not only does it affect her family, but also those who struggle with this situation each day.

They become even more hopeless due to fear of the same thing happening to her.

So “my dear amigos” it’s time we reach out a helping hand to those who each day struggle with the horrors of domestic violence.  It’s time we say, “STOP” and break those codes of silence empowering those who are in need.

Life does suck once in a while, but it’s undeniable that with each day comes a new opportunity of making things work, because that’s what life is all about.

When our star comes shining on the horizon nobody can deny not even for a second the beauty of life itself, so never stop believing in yourself or the blessing of being alive.

“Hasta la próxima.”