In A World Full of Distrust: Dare to Believe

I began blogging again more than a year ago and without even knowing or understanding it I also began a path of self discovery.  Along the way I had forgotten many things that made me the person I was at almost 47.

One of the first pictures I featured on my blog at Blogger. This is shrine in the Arizona desert, one of my daughter’s pics.

Actually I began writing because it was my way to shout out,

“Stop using church to pursue your demagogic!”

Or so I thought at that moment.  Once I began getting into this wonderful world of bloggers I just couldn’t stop.  I don’t blog as much as I used to at the beginning.  I’ve  fallen into a routine of trying to post something now and then that has stretched to twice a month, but bottom line (I get to use all the clichés I want to), I blog when I feel like it.

My posts were mainly about church (which is still one of my greatest muses).

Without even knowing it I opened my heart and spirit to a whole new wold out there. I’ve read some great content that has influenced me in many ways, I’ve also read some pretty crappy stuff.

For instance, I follow a blog written by a waiter.  I no longer view waiters as I used to and each time a waiter comes across my life I see him or her in a very different way.

Another great thing about blogging is that I’ve connected with other people who suffer chronic illnesses. One of my favorites is Julie’s Spoonful of Sugar because she talks from the heart.   This has helped me cope with so many things in my life that if I’ve need to list them it would be an impossible task.

Stephanie is the first from left to right.
Stephanie is the first from left to right.

I’ve blogged about missing my daughter with all my heart, she left home almost two years ago this August and I’ve felt the support of other middle-aged moms in Blog Her and Midlife Boulevard.

I’ve blogged about my husband’s transplant journey in a blog titled Atrium of Dreams, that lead me to another great community at Transplant Friends. Opening up and healing after eighteen years as I wrote about our experiences waiting for his liver transplant to happen.  Or at least I’ve tried to!

From my personal collection.  Taken at Mall of America, MO.
From my personal collection. Taken at Mall of America, MO.

Then my blog became my editorial on life and discovered my writing style.  Something I couldn’t carry out while I got my degree precisely as an English teacher (blogging is so lax and you get to do so many things that are so wrong) grammatically speaking.  I use my passive voice without hesitation and the best part is that I really don’t care.  I’m never going to become a grammarian so I stopped trying.  I love writing in first person because that’s what blogging is all about.

Like every editorial it might be biased towards what I think or want out of life.

My blog began for all the wrong reasons, but it has amazed me on how well it went after a while. Nowadays I vent sometimes, but its nothing major and still is usually about church.  The great thing is that also I get to share my experiences with friends I’ve made along the way.  I appreciate every comment or read and I’m not into back scratching.  I’ll read your blog if its interesting and I can connect, but I don’t expect for a click back to mine out of appreciation.

I’m not into making a living out this and I do it basically because I enjoy it.

I’ve become part of amazing online communities, I’ve had my blog featured in some other great blogs, and most of all I’ve learned to respect the diversity of opinions.

So, what can I say “queridos amigos y amigas”, Believing is what life is all about.  You have to believe in something or someone basically because it gives you the push to move on.  Nobody said life was perfect (that’s another demagogue), but it’s sure worth while living it.  Enjoy life because at the end that’s what it’s all about.