Between This and That

Dear readers, I’ve come to love the words “this” and “that” I think more than I should.  They represent whatever whenever and those my friends are the special moments in life.

For instance, today as we met with Mother Nature in a gathering our church organized we had time to reacquaint with friends, extended family and everyone in between. Most of all, we had time to simply admire the the lazy beauty of this unbothered creek.

With the passing of the day I felt in peace with myself and the world.  I felt my little space of solitude with my personal this and that.

All of us need those unnamed moments that mostly require a minimum of effort and can frequently pass inadvertently.

Tres Pasos Las Marias
Photo credit Francisco J. Quintana

We all want to believe in the best of the human race, but we all know that life is a jungle out there.  If not, tune into Game of Thrones and you’ll get to witness the crudity of violence in its very essence. The worst part is that we crave for it.

Our world each day witness horrors that berate our core making us want to sink in our occidental fantasies that are produced by a few that hold power in our media.

You would think that there is nowhere to turn to, however today the simple passing of the water through the creek contained,  even if just for “that” moment,  the power of healing a brittle soul of a believer that worries maybe to much about a world that spirals out of control with the passing of each and every day.

Within small conversations, human touch and a little bit of laughter today has been a good day.

See you around, thanks for stopping by and find the good within you and share it with someone.



Limbo Land

Limbo means pretty much the same thing in Spanish or English.    The land between the dead and the alive.  A place where we just sit and do pretty much nothing.

We just sit there neither dead or alive.  Just existing and letting life pass by without really living.

How many of us live on Limbo Land?

Limbo land is a place where some of us now and then get a visiting pass.

It’s a place that occasionally is pretty nice and comfortable, but leads nowhere specific.  It becomes so pleasant we just want to stay there for an indefinite time.

Now how to check out of it, it’s more like trying to check out of the Eagles’ Hotel California, don’t know how many of you out there remember the lyrics of “you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave” or something like that.

The thing is we need to leave our personal  Limbo Lands quickly or we may run into the possibility of never checking out.  We’ll be trapped there forever.

Our circumstances may vary from time to time and it basically works two ways.  Or either we can’t control them or we can.  Circumstances we can’t control are those that are imposed by something bigger than us.  On the other hand, they are circumstances that pertain to our day-to-day lives that we can and should control.

Small changes so many times produce huge results

Living on Limbo Land without getting out there or taking charge of our lives is easier than putting ourselves through the excruciating process of change.

It’s easier to just let things and ourselves go.

WE validate our existence in this beautiful but none challenging land, saying we really can’t do anything about it, or can we?

your morgueFile

We need to allow ourselves to move out.

Living in Limbo land is liking being stuck on a beautiful island, full of gorgeous tropical flowers, palm trees, green vegetation, and all sorts of birds, with one boat on the deck.  You know you need to get on that boat and transport yourself to a  much fuller life, but you just can’t make yourself do it.

You blow your brains trying to figure out things, and it’s really quite simple.

First, give yourself a good shake.

Second, give yourself a good hard look (inside and out) leaving nothing uncovered.

Third, and last get moving “mis queridos amigos”.

Apply these three simple steps to basically everything that has you stuck there.  It could be trying to become a healthier person (which will bring down your weight and a whole bunch of issues), it could be professionally (getting out of that job you just hate), honestly looking at your faith (in what do you really believe in), it could be getting out of a really bad short or long-term relationship (even if it means splitting your assets and all that crap). It could be so many things, the best part you get to fill in the blanks.

I could probably go on forever.

However at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel about life and surely Limbo Land will or is not making you a happy camper.

Look at little farther and make it your motto to never allow circumstances that are under your control to take control but in the wrong way.  Even if it means leaving our comfortable, but very expensive living accommodations in our beloved Limbo land. Visit your front desk and check-out out of that luxurious resort known as “El Limbo Resort” and check in to a small but nice hotel that suits your needs (every now and then its great to be selfish) and forget about what you are supposed to do.

It will my dear friends be just fine, and remember never ever stop believing in yourself and the good of just being alive.




Why Am I Here?

Some call it soul-searching others reflection, but either way all of us do it during different times and or circumstances in our lives.

I really don’t know about you, but sometimes (specially during those first morning hours) when my house is quiet and I can actually take a minute to just think about things, often my thoughts wonder and it always goes down the same path, managing my chronic illness.  Thoughts like,

-Am I doing all I can do?

-Am I relying too much on other people, do they feel burdened?

-Am I affecting my children’s view on life?

Even if I stumble on so many “Am I’s”,   it always also comes back to “Why am I here?”

Last night, as the “super luna” or Super Moon made its beautiful appearance,  I felt as I always do if I see a shooting star or any meteorite shower going on in this magnificent Caribbean sky, all of us are here because we need to do something.

We’re all part of a crowd searching, for the “something” we were sent to do.  For some in the past or present it has been bigger than them and their heritage will live on forever. We have to agree that a lot of amazing men and women have done unbelievably grand things being History their testament.  

For others, like me it has to be returning to the classroom giving it the best I can (with my limitations) and at the same time finding a way to be happy.

What will it be for you?

© Melinda Nagy | Dreamstime Stock Photos
0© Melinda Nagy | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Happy doesn’t mean there are days when we are grumpy, disappointed, or even sad. Despite all of this, our happiness will carry us through all the bleak parts of our lives.

My boys would certainly agree on the “grumpy” , those hot flashes are havoc at this household.  It’s not pretty when you feel an invisible heat wand airbrushed straight from a four-hundred degree oven in your face.  Momma gets a bit annoyed and sweaty, however when the hot calms down and the breeze comes around my happiness also pops back.

Happiness is a state of the soul that covers all aspects of your life even the worst times.

It makes you feel appreciative of all that you have, despite the bad that may come around.

It makes you want to become  better.

It makes you want to love more.

It makes you want to restore hope.

It completes the circle of life.

Our days are a mystery in the sense that we really don’t know how much time we get to live on this amazing blue planet.  I never take for granted each day that comes around.  

Even if I sound a bit dramatic,

-This can be my last.

Is nevertheless true.

Mankind has devoted time and effort tying to figure this one, but up to now nobody really can tell us how long we are going to live, or how we are going to die.

So you see “mis queridos amigos” it all starts with believing something can happen before it ever does, a great starting point would be believing we can be happy.  It’s much much more easier making others happy, but our first call should be for ourselves.  Take a deep breath and think, ponder, or soul-search in a contemplative way about what does it take to make you happy?

When you find the answer, my dear friend, your on your way.  The next step is going on the journey of pursuing your happiness.  (This one can prove difficult) That’s when you need to remind yourself to never ever stop believing.






New Beginnings

Once in a while life presents itself with the opportunities of new beginnings.  Even though they often come along with a certain amount of pain. But, heck you know the saying, “no pain, no gain” and there is sure plenty to gain when we give our self a chance.


Each morning delivers a magnificent sunrise and the wonderful sounds of life awakening to a new day.  For some it may be the hustle and bustle of cars or people, for others like me its the chirping of birds, and the incessant sounds of crickets and their neighbors welcoming the warmth of the sun.

As night becomes day and another cycle of our lives  begin, we deal with all the little and sometimes big things that compound who we are.

All days are equal, but different at the same time because it depends who we are and what we deal with on a daily basis. However, something remains the same for all of us.  Each and every one of us is given a new opportunity with each sunrise.

Even though it’s true that they are certain things in our live’s ups and downs that we can’t possibly control, there are others that we sure the heck can.  Most of all we can get a grip of how things affect us, however hard they can be.

Grab your new beginning today and do something with it.  Take life heads on, looking at it straight at the eye.  We all know that sometimes life sucks, but we can’t overlook how wonderful it is to be alive today.  Life is about feeling, it’s not about regrets or sadness.  It’s about sucking in all its beauty and rejoicing in the good and even in the bad because if we leave our minds open enough we’ll get to learn a few lessons from our negatives.

With all the information around us sometimes we can feel overwhelmed. It’s so much, so fast that we can even dread each sunrise.  It’s not like I want to be an ostrich and bury my head in the ground, but sometimes I sure wish news didn’t travel with the speed of light.  Dealing with everything that’s happening in our world can be daunting if we focus on negative news.

Let’s focus on the good in today’s new beginning.

Let’s count our blessings.  Even if we need to look hard and long,  I’m sure we’ll dig something out, even if we need to wear our super hero magnified glasses.

So you see “mis queridos amigos” it’s all about letting a bit of sunshine in our lives and grabbing anything and everything good it has to bring.  Let’s do something different today, let’s be happy for a change because that is precisely what living is all about.

Never stop believing.







Pretty powerful word, if you’d ask me any given day at my whopping 48.

I’ve been up and down and all away around in my life. That’s why I named my blog,  Believing, the Ups and Downs of Life.

All of us strive or want to strive on becoming better people.  More accomplished, successful, some might want to be rich, others may want recognition, or just want to do something different with their lives.

via morgueFile


All I want to do is basically find purpose.

It’s not that I don’t have purpose in life because I certainly do.  My family life has always been straight and center for me.  When I married twenty-eight years ago, and then became a first time mommy almost twenty-five years ago everything changed for me.  Running my home like a fine Swiss watch has always been my pride and joy.  But, I want a bit more for myself now.

The thing is that when you are almost fifty,  the vibes you get from the people who sometimes surround us is that basically life is over.


I don’t like when people say,

“You know, what can I do really?”  –  “I’m almost fifty.”

Well let me hand down the memo and tell you that there is so much you can do, about basically everything.

We have the power to change whatever we don’t want in our lives.  The only thing we really need to do is believe we can, and go ahead and  do it.  Most of the things we need to make those changes are just right inside us.

Not everything has to do with how other see or think about you,  it’s more about how you see, think and feel about yourself.

Some people complain about their weight, others about their job, others about church, others about their families, others about their finances, but really guys, at the end it’s all about just that complaining.

Most of us don’t do hoot about resolving the issues we complain about.

Today is a new day, full of opportunities to make all those little changes that can lead up to huge ones that will impact all aspects of our lives.  The first thing I need to do and probably you can also give it a try is to change the way we think.

Let’s free old grudges, restore relationships (that are worth it) or move on to new ones, embrace life with all its mishaps (we can’t control), and basically try to find happiness and above all hope.

This doesn’t mean everything will be fine and dandy because they are times when we are just pissed off, but we have to learn to handle that last part.  Being angry isn’t even such a bad thing because positive things can come out of it if we learn to use its energy.  Just don’t hurt anyone in the process.

So, you see “mis queridos amigos” hope and believe are two simple commands that can make a world of a difference.  Today is a great day to reinvent yourself even if it’s in a small way.

Never stop believing.