Bloggers Did What Bloggers Do

Dear readers, blogging has become like the everyday life of the everyday people.  We are bombarded by inspiration, meanness, sadness, tragedy, crime, politics, dirty politics, the right-left and every wing in between and more of everything, everybody and anyone in this vast wired universe.  Affluence and influence are big out there also and everyone seems to be finding a voice.  Didn’t know mine or anybody’s voice was lost in the first place.


Celebrities use their platforms to preach love and spend part of their millions in this or that charity and are listed as philanthropists which makes it okay then to follow them with the million or so followers in their respective social platforms.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love Alicia Keys or Ellen (with her I always have my reserves) she just has that wee bit of something that sets me off.  Many of them joining the vlogger movement which is awesome.  I like vloggers because I can see their expressions and voice inflections which make their presentations interesting.  Nevertheless, their social platforms are only just that, like everybody’s else not to taken too seriously.  If we were as rich or famous probably are public representative people would tell us what to put out there.

This line of thinking came after listening  to Michelle Obama say,  “bloggers did what bloggers do…” when talking about her personal experiences in the world of politics in her memoir.   That line just sparked something in me,  it made me reflect on that statement, and ask myself,

What is it that bloggers do?

The answer is simple and straightforward, we write about the topic trending at hand.

I can only imagine that today BlogHer or whatever it is their calling themselves today, HuffPost and all major blogging platforms blogging (which translates into writing) about the JetBlue rapists creeps. Their lives will be dissected and their stupidity and criminal acts will be blasted all over the web in depth.  Not leaving behind the actions that JetBlue took or did not take about it.  These two creeps have jobs where the lives of many are on the line, how can you place your trust in a company that is an epic fail when testing their employees for any type of drugs. Being myself one of the naive people that catch a flight or two every once in a while.

Bloggers are doing their work as writers, but the targeted audience sometimes is just plain lost.  You know our community is a powerful one because we are sparking conversations about important topics going on in the world.  I’m just using the term “we” loosely because I’m a microscopic part of this complex organism.

Blogging or vlogging are creative outlets for many people, some famous some not, some seeking their fifteen minutes of viral or so.  But you know, the best part is that you can express your feeling, share information or just write however it is you do it and connect with someone that will stumble upon your piece. It’s like a freelancing essay that will not be submitted for neither your peers or your teacher.

For me there is only one point which should be the golden rule, always utilize “writing ethic” which means no trolling, slashing, or demeaning any person and I mean everyone doesn’t matter the circumstance or the social standing of who it is.  Personally I strongly dislike parodies and also memes (Eddie Murphy’s take on Mr. Rogers made me cry).  I understand that everyone wants a piece of the pie and many celebrities and politicians walk easily into situations that later make them  laughing stock of millions around the world.

People should have the opportunity of passing judgement of the facts without editing.

As bloggers when writing about breaking news or events we should only try to write about it in our clearest voice, I’m not digging the whole voice situation. Everyone has a voice and uses it often, its using it in the best ethical way possible.

Just blog on…….. I’ll keep doing the same from my tiny microscopic place.







#Bring Back Our Humanitarianism

Why do we feel the need to pretend things are okay when they are not?

Why do we feel the need to confirm other people’s doings when they are so clearly wrong?

Why do we shrug off things as racism, injustice, selfishness, and so many other  if they weren’t important?

Why do we feel that it’s our duty to stand up for those very far away from our borders when within them so much injustice lies lurking underneath?

It amazes and outrages me a bit, how so many public figures, celebrities even Michelle Obama stood with the poster in front of them, #bringbackthegirls, however nobody speaks of the children and young men in Nogales. We should all pose with selfies that state #Bringbackhumanitarianism

So many question, so few answers.

Many of these questions are rhetorical in a sense.  Their answers lie in our conscious for only us to answer.

young man

Young men at Nogales Border Patrol Facility Center

Whoever has taken a moment to study our vasts world’s history knows that forms of government and laws have been around for way to long.  Hammurabi’s Code set the example for all civilizations who emerged afterwards to have some sort of rules that will would help people leave peacefully among themselves.

A nation that is still very young in so many ways,  don’t you think can learn a thing or two from the errors of past empires and nations?

The troubles we face are burden on our shoulders.  Yesterdays poverty is still a fresh memory as to segregation, civil rights and so many other things that have made our country what it is today.

Don’t Americans come together united for any cause they may seem worthy beyond our borders, now take a minute to think about finding that same sentiment for a cause within them.

I can’t seem to brush off the images of those children that looked like puppies in a pound.  I can’t let it go, it’s going to take time for those images to go away if they ever will.

So you see, “mis queridos amigos”, our world and our life would be so much better if we raised our heads instead of burying it in the sand, if we raised our voice instead of complying in silence, and if we raised our hands in victory  instead of letting them fall in defeat.  Please, let your heart warm towards these children in Nogales and find in your heart warmth and compassion to help them find their way home. Where ever that may be, because that’s what life is all about.



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Sequestration and Lay Offs: Where Are We Heading?

Nobody wants to hear…

I have some difficult  news  to share with all of you.  As you know, we have been in the process of planning layoffs in our department.  Jobs have been eliminated….-

This is the precise moment, where all the alarm bells begin ringing.  You are feeling on the verge of an emergency, all of a sudden you’ve become a firefighter with a mission.  Putting a fire under control, with the only difference that this fire is your life.

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Layoff has been proven to be now a days as normal as ever.  It’s no surprise when employees begin listening rumors of massive layoffs (to be considered massive if would have to be 50 workers from a singe employer), which later result in the real deal.  In other words, massive families to be impacted on what they consider their day-to-day life.

Nevertheless the same companies who are letting go of the manufacturing line employees are the ones that are retaining high salary employees which in occasions have absolutely no idea of what’s going on in the level ground where the product (which is keeping their own jobs safe) is manufactured.  Some of these employees even enjoy a company car that usually comes with a very high price tag.

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The thing they  don’t fully understand is that it’s just a matter of time, before their own jobs will be cut.  Don’t forget the pizza delivery guy in Larry Crown!

We can’t even expect to get some help from our government! Things can seem gloomy with a national unemployment rate of 7.6% (May 2013/Bureau of Labor Statistics).

For Pete’s sake even our federal government as of March 2013 has passed the infamous sequestration (which means literally that across -the- border spending cuts are required by the Balanced Budget Emergency Deficit Control Act).  No longer Roosevelt’s vision of a reliable central government will put citizen’s minds at ease when facing harsh economic times.

There is nowhere to go would be an understatement.

Now take for instance,  the lives that are portrayed in the movie “Company Men”, all of these men face losing their jobs in different ways and manners.  Some gave themselves a hard inner look and reassesed who they were and dealt with the situation.  One of them even made the stupid choice of suicide (which is one way out).

The sad part of the movie would definitely be that many of them had dedicated their lives to the company, and what did they get in return? Severance and some other fringe benefits.  While the company kept moving forward, merging, selling stocks or doing whatever it took to safe keep it’s CEO and board in their wealthy and over the top life styles.

The same can be said about our governments.  Sequestration will affect programs like Meals on Wheels, Headstart, National Parks, Food Stamps, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc., but overall spending in Congress, the White House and many other governmental branches will remain the same. No Sequestration to be met in these brackets.

Come to think about it, why can’t Michelle Obama cook the  first families own meals?  She sure had a great example in Martha Washington.

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The idealistic in me wants to end this article with some nice words that will reassure anybody that reads it.  Nevertheless, I can’t.

As I see things we all need to go back to the basics, and when I say all it means world-class manufacturing companies,  local and federal governments, small and large businesses, and last, but certainly not least every family or individual in America.

The basic of all basics, would be not to overspend! Our consumerist society has become a disposable one. We love to buy things we don’t need to dump them later or in the garbage or at a garage sale.  This is not new to anyone who is listening to the economists out there.  They have become our prophets, we better begin listening and adjusting or we will be feeling the rath of poverty coming to our lives more sooner than later.

History has proven over and over how people who are desperate due to economic hardship are vulnerable to ways of life that can disrupt or damage permanently a democratic government.  If any you doubt it go and read about what was going on in the world post World War I.

Many of the countries that later on developed despotic or tyrannic ways of government (Italy or Germany for instance) were facing extreme economic hardship.

We’re not there yet, but have no doubt that if we keep this up we are going to get there.  It’s a matter of time.   So, the question would be, what are we waiting for?