Our Realms

Dear readers, if I would choose a word to describe what I felt while watching the documentary Magical Andes on Netflix I would probably pick, “MESMERIZED”.

Scene after scene threw me an awe.

I marveled on the beauty, wonders and dangers each one of them had.  I marveled on the relationship many who lived there had with the mountains.  How they revered them to an extent.

I thought for a moment that heaven probably would look like that.


photo credit via Morguefile

It was a glimpse of Mother Earth showcasing it’s wonders, untouched by humanity.

Life burst like the active volcanoes that it has  within  its range.

I think  that humanity is closer to God when we can listen, see and experience  nature. We stumble continuously upon buildings  utilized as temples, synagogues, mesquites and so on,  all of them particular to the faith tradition people who gather there practice.

We visit these places to venerate and seek God.   But what if, every once in a while we let us seek God in the home He created.  When you visit a friend, well you go to his or her house.  We experience joy and comfort when we connect to them in their surroundings.

So my dear friends, what I’m saying is that if  we want  to go and visit  God, to have a nice chat, to find some peace for our spirits,  to connect, to let ourselves be transformed with and by love, it’s not such a bad idea to look for a beautiful natural landscape once in a while and sit still  and God’s spirit will certainly touch our lives in ways that will make us wonder.

The buildings, they have their purpose as well,  they are there to build community. We just have to remember  this.  People don’t need to go to church to seek God  and his blessings, people need to go to church to connect with others.   We need to go to  church to be able to share with others our joys and our burdens out  of love  for one another. Not perfect people, but just people.

Today is Sunday, the perfect day to seek some solace and marvel in the beauty of this astonishing world we live in.  Let us quiet our minds, and open our ears to listen to God’s voice through the many sounds of nature.  Let’s set aside the “dogma” our times have engineered and experience the simplicity of realizing that  we  get to live in the here and now.

Love and let yourself be loved.

Seek community in the building and seek God in the mountain or shore.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember be kind to others and yourself.  See you around the corner.  Hasta pronto!