Facebook sharing: Why I don’t like it!

I am not a huge fan on  sharing personal or private things on FB.


It’s because it’s not real!!!!!!!  It gives you  a false sense of connection with people who may care something about your situation, but that can never substitute the human element of being able to hug and alleviate your anguish.  When we stop confiding and seeking comfort in our keen, something is gotta be wrong!

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FB is for sharing the little knickknacks of your life.  (That’s my opinion anyway, you don’t have to agree with it!)

Not to be completely an idiot about FB,   you can share or ask friends and people who are only acquainted to you by FB to say a prayer for a loved one because they may be passing difficult times.   Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use FB to vent or prove your lack of doing a sh*&t for your family member or friend.

Keep your private life, PRIVATE!

For example, some time ago someone in the Generation Fabulous Facebook fan page asked for prayers for her sister and herself, both were confronting serious health problems.  She kept us updated and that was a  wonderful experience.

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But sometimes and I say sometimes (like a rooster that sometimes comes out in the Looney Tunes cartoons), your pledges don’t match your actions.

It’s wonderful you want your community of friends to help you cross the river, but you really need to do your share of the work.  In occasions the load gets heavy.   Love is love and its amazing, but also the love you not only express in words but in concrete actions is ever more wonderful.

Here is a couple of things you may want to do to share the love,

A short visit.

Running an errand.

Helping around the house.

If the person can no longer go to a church service, why doesn’t the church move to him or her at least every month with a short service any ill person can enjoy??

They are so many things we can do as people and groups to ease a patient’s pain and SHOW our love in a way that covers more than words.

I think it was Scarlet O’Hara that said,  “Words are taken away by the wind.” Which roughly translates in words without actions are just merely nothing at all.  In other words, words are easily forgotten! (If it wasn’t her please, feel free to correct me.)

So my dear friends, stop becoming generic  FB friends and begin reconstructing and constructing genuine real friendships and keeping in touch through Facebook, and above all keep you private life private.

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Finally, be careful with your information because not everyone that’s on FB really has great intentions, you can easily become a target even for identity theft if your private settings are not private enough.