The Locked Door

“Tomorrow is a mystery!”

You may think, Oh Noooooooooo,  another one of those worn out clichés.

Hold it,  don’t kick, sorry I meant click yourself out of my blog. Just stop to think about it, this is not a cliché.  It should become a universal truth to guide us through the choices we make in our lives.

Usually we like open doors, we see what’s beyond them and we have no troubles passing through.

On the other hand,  when we have to deal with  a locked door we  become aggravated if we don’t have a key. That’s how our future is, it’s locked and the worse part is that you don’t have the key to unlock it until it becomes your present.

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Even if tomorrow is a mystery, that doesn’t stop us from making plans to do this or do that.  Never stopping to consider that we may not even be alive or well enough to carry out our plans.

One of my life lessons is precisely that. I made the mistake of thinking that I had my life planned (my husband and me thought that just by saying it out loud are plans were going to fall through)   and all of a sudden when the door that contained my future became unlocked – – -BAM-  – – it didn’t turn out as I planned.

We faced my significant other’s illness at the young age of 25, we thought like so many young people that we were invincible. My husband was diagnosed with end stage liver disease and would need a liver transplant to continue living.

I would have liked to scream out of frustration, but I did what I always do, move on.

I’ve heard often, “You need to plan your future now, the time is right.”, others may say “You never know what can happen tomorrow.” meaning don’t do anything about IT.

However, where can we find the perfect balance?

I have come to learn that we can find the perfect balance today, but don’t forget to bring your yesterday into the picture.  All our experiences make us what we are.

So, YES yesterday is important, but today is the time to make a difference in your tomorrow.

Live your today wisely,  responsibly,  go a bit crazy once in a while, because if you don’t you’re just a living corpse, and most of all treasure all that is important to your heart (this means take care of your spirituality).

Don’t take me wrong, material things are also important.  Who ever said that material things weren’t is lying and probably just wants to rip you off.

We need material things to survive and give us comfort as well, just don’t get to greedy and keep close to your heart those who don’t have as much as we do.

Last, but not least I want to mention a  blog written by Feminista Jones, I recently read, where she talks about the insights her mom gave her on life and relationships.

One of the most interesting parts were these words,  “Don’t look into the future because it’s already written…we just have to play it out as it comes.”   

A very wise woman if you ask me, let’s take her little piece of advice and our locked door isn’t going to aggravate us as much anymore.  

Life is what it is, you just have to figure out how you play along with it.