When You Don’t Dig Eternal Life

Dear readers,  Christians have this thing about eternal life.  The answer for all our tribulations lay in the after life, or better said in eternity.  Forget expanding our hearts, kindness, friendship to all, compassion and the most important of all acceptance and renunciation.

I just don’t  dig all the eternal life thing as a whole, specially if I have to rely on hope for happiness and joy in my eternal life.  Life can become a drag if I’m waiting to pass to be able to achieve happiness, missing on in so much in the here and now.


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As Christians we shouldn’t be trying to achieve happiness or  joy in a posterior life when what we should be doing is aiming to be the happiest we can here and now, in this present moment.

One of my favorite authors Thich Nhat Hanh brings living in the present moment to it’s maximum expression.  This incredible Zen Master is by far a man from which I have learnt many lessons on life.  I think perspective can only be gained when you listen and understand other people’s point’s of view and if I don’t share their  faith that’s even better.   Perspective is a gift you can make to yourself and the best part is that it costs you nothing. 

As  a Christian when taking Jesus out of the frivolous theological constructs that try to explain everything through dogma.  I have come to understand that Jesus wasn’t foreign to living mindfully in his teachings.  He preached a simple and straight forward message,  over and over he would bring the importance of living today as if it was our last.  Jesus not only taught, but also practiced deep compassion and love to his neighbor.  I believe earnestly  that he listened with compassion.  Laying himself as a model for all of us who aimed to practice and live Christianity to our best.

Let me cut to the chase and establish my point, eternal life seems amazing if I think that I will become one with God the Creator, but also it looses a little bit of its bling if I don’t pursue joy and happiness in this moment in my life waiting for it in eternity.

Let’s not do eternal life a  disfavor trying to aim for it when we are miserable in the here and now.  Let’s find joy in today and live our day as if was our last, loving ourselves and our neighbor deeply and fully to our best of  knowledge and eternity will take care of itself without us yearning for it.

Be compassionate with yourself and others and thanks for stopping by. Hasta pronto!


The Power of a Man’s Healing Hands

Like every year on Easter Sunday morning I went to church.

The white mantle was on our empty cross as a symbol of Jesus’ Resurrection.

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No longer was Christ crucified but, in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

His time on the face of Earth had passed, he no longer would be among humans to heal not only their bodies, but their souls.

Jesus was a healer.  He repaired and restored the lives of others changing them along the way.

As a man he lived on principle and died due to those same principles.  His message was filled with compassion, love, social justice and among everything else diversity.  His words were those of an open mind and heart.

If I wouldn’t believe this, I wouldn’t even bother to visit a church.

However I ask myself, where exactly have some of us taken a U-turn and changed all of his teachings into hatred for those who do not share our own views or beliefs.  Just as an example, why do we need to attack those who proclaim that they are atheists?  Don’t you think Jesus would have spoken to them, listened carefully trying to get through to them, and just making them think about what they believe in?

Are atheists are enemies?

Bill Gates is a proclaimed atheist, one of the richest man on this planet, but has one of the most generous souls I have ever heard of.  He’s donated over 70 million dollars to charity.  He’s made a difference in the lives of many, taking social justice to another level.

Are homosexuals are enemies?

Being a heterosexual or homosexual is all about sexual preferences.  Some of us are honest to the core and just admit what they want or don’t want.  I’m not sure we really need to become judges on this particular point, we just need to accept people for who they are, not how they like to do things in a sexual perspective.

Did Jesus proclaim us judges of character of others?  I don’t think so, we should take a look at ourselves before we begin throwing rocks at others.  Didn’t Jesus teach us this lesson, when he extended his healing hands to others no matter what they did or didn’t do.

When did we stop emulating Jesus as healers and become destroyers?

Where is our compassion?

Why cant the Easter message be one of love and kindness to one another?

Why are we nauseated just thinking in diversity?

Today we joked as we had lunch and one of my sons told me,

“Mom if Satan really exists, he’s probably incarnated in those who are full of hatred towards anyone who is different even if they have a cross and a bible in their hands.”

When is it going to stop?

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Probably the day we stand strong and say, STOP!

Stop talking about hatred,

Stop being narrow-minded,

Stop speaking about non-acceptance to others,

Stop making fun of others because they are different,

and above anything else just stop using Jesus’ teaching to attack others.

So my dear friends, just raise your voice and stop hatred! Let us embrace our faith through our Lord’s true perspective.  One of love, compassion and kindness and maybe then we can also become the healers of the broken society that surrounds us making a difference in our world.