Arizona’s Borders: The New Heartbreak Island

“The country does not realize the menace of immigration.”

Sen.  Albert Johnson (1924)

About a week in a half ago I read a blog post written by Jeb Bush  where he talks about the reasons we need comprehensive immigration reform.  I’m not really going into the perks of his post because if you want to read it, feel free just to click on him name and it will take you directly to The Huffington Post where you can have that pleasure.  My point here isn’t Jeb Bush or any other politic that wants to come into the picture to discuss immigration just because it can guarantee him  time under the spotlight (free publicity), but about what people think about the reform through their comments.

It amazes me how people can be so obtuse when they talk about immigration.

I obviously wanted to voice my opinion as well as two hundred and eighty-seven other  people.  Yet, some of the them were just darn mean, no empathy, not a word of compassion or anything related.  Basically all of them had one thing in common, hatred.  Many would openly say they were immigrants from other parts of the World, but they had entered the United States legally.  How can a person that is coming from Easter Europe compare himself with an immigrant coming from Mexico?  Well if he had lived in the 1920’s certainly he would have had it rough, not so in 2000’s.  The Gang of Eight would have been reduced to the Gang of Three (Henry Cabot Lodge, Albert Johnson and David Reed).  Who were all basically racists and  authors of  the Immigration Act of 1924. (If you think what’s happening now is bad go back in time and you’ll witness how horrible Ellis Island became.)

photo credit: Stephanie Quintana

All this situation is bad enough, but what makes it even worse is some of the people who are part responsible for coming up with this reform.  I’m talking specifically of Marco Rubio.

How can this man son of two Cuban immigrants (Cuba is a different story to tell anyhow, thank you Fidel),  grandson of an illegal alien (Rubio’s grandfather was undocumented from 1959 – 1966), can possibly  join forces with Lindsey Graham (his pal from the grand old party) and agree with his point of “they can’t stay until they learn our language” kind of bull.

Why can’t we not only have one, or two or even three languages, in which we’re proficient?

You think Rubio’s parents (a carpenter and a seamstress) knew the ropes of our language back then?

Have you ever seen the movie Ever After ?  If you have you’ll remember the scene of the ball, where Cinderella is discovered pretending something she is not.  As I thought about Rubio an his proposed immigration reform I pictured him in my mind as the Senate’s Cinderella!  Who’s going to uncover him?  Probably nobody because all the information I’ve shared with you is absolutely public.  Nevertheless, doesn’t it make you think? Why would someone with his background go for this reform?

Well, I’ll tell you what I think!  All this talk about immigration reform is just about dirty old politics. It’s been going around since the federal government took over immigration.  Every time a reform or new legislation comes around it’s usually not related  with the well-being of no one in particular, except the ladies and gentlemen of the Congress.  The sad part is that  nobody is really going to do anything about it and probably just like back then in the 1920’s both parties will gang up together and approve anything they decide is in the best interest of and for “the people”.

Back then Ellis Island became known as the Island of Tears or Heartbreak Island, today it’s the same situation, but this time around its Arizona’s borders.

Doesn’t it make you kind of think  America The Grand?