With so little we can make a difference!

This week I’m obsessed with rats and mice.   NO kidding???  Anyone with a home invasion like the one I suffered would also be blogging about these little fellows non stop.  Right now I’m just being a drama queen because I’ve thought about how people around our country and the world put up with this all the time.

They deal with living with these atrocious little things .  While I cleaned my home thoroughly and sanitized it in the process, thoughts of people living in poverty just struck me!

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I’m an ordinary low middle class person, my husband has a decent job (doesn’t make tons of money), but puts bread on our table, has medical insurance coverage, we own our home (debt-free) and live on a nice three acre property.

I got very annoyed because of my little visitor!

By all means I tried to get rid of it.  However how can people cohabit with them?  How can many homeless people can almost eat and live with them, side by side?  Everyone knows that mice and rats love dumpsters, and there is where you can precisely find many homeless on any given night of the week.

Probably they don’t even stop to consider them at all.  They are part of each others lives.

Just by thinking about all the possible situations only made me feel grateful and humble of all that I have.

What probably broke my heart the most was thinking of all the children that grow up without knowing any better in so many countries around the world.

I’ve gone to great lengths to check on all my windows with their screens and my doors.  What about families that don’t have the basic protection to houses that are missing windows or even doors.  Where poverty just covers everything around it?

Do you think this doesn’t happen in America?  You may be surprised on what you can found out.  Poverty in the United States in 2012 according to Wikepedia was ranking in a 16%, including 20% of children.

I heard someone say that, “..with so little we can make a difference.”  If this premise is true then we surely can do something to try to help so many that don’t have the basis necessities that our mainstream society has.

It’s up to us to figure out my dear friend  how we can help others overcome their situations.

That’s what compassion and social justice is all about.  The time has come where all of us need to extend our hands and help without trying to blame our government for everything that is wrong around us.

So, next time something bothers the hell out of us just take a moment to think about all our blessings and you’ll be surprised how happy you may feel for everyone and everything in our lives.








Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise
photo credit: Stephanie Quintana – Spain 2012

The day we can walk the streets without finding someone who doesn’t have a home to go to will be a blessing. Have you ever thought about how people who not only walk the streets but live on them have seemed to lose their identity?

After a while they become part of a whole, a blur, no longer can we see their faces,but only the fact that they are homeless.  They become “those people”, it’s like they are lepers.  I can only imagine how people passed by them are not even looked.  I would say that’s how it’s today as well, be can’t even bare to look at their faces, we don’t want to deal with it.

Have any of you listened to Phil Collin’s “Another Day in Paradise”? The lyrics of this song deal with the issues homeless people face each day.

She calls out to the man on the street
“Sir, can you help me?
It’s cold and I’ve nowhere to sleep,
Is there somewhere you can tell me?”

He walks on, doesn’t look back
He pretends he can’t hear her
Starts to whistle as he crosses the street
Seems embarrassed to be there

She calls out to the man on the street
He can see she’s been crying
She’s got blisters on the soles of her feet
She can’t walk but she’s trying

fragments of the lyrics….

Next time you stroll down or up the sidewalk, think about the homeless, so you appreciate who you are and what you have in life.

Sometimes we take  to much for granted!


The Miracle of Change

Listening to what we don’t want to hear is hard.

A couple of years ago I held a strong grudge against an old friend and just would not let it go.  My oldest son gave me a reality check on how things had gone and why he thought that we both acted against our friendship. We ventured together on a business with different perspectives and never talked about it openly.  Bottom line, I lost a dear friend and have carried the guilt of it through out the years.

Over the years many of us get stuck in our own ways.  I would love to emphasize the word “stuck” because it means there is no way we’re moving.  Stuck as in “quicksand” stuck !  We are up to our knees in it, meaning that change is not an option.

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One of my greatest challenges has been  learning  to listen to my daughter over the years,  even though sometimes it’s gone wrong and we’ve end up bickering and mad at each other.  Yet we overcome our anger and begin our conversations all over again.  It doesn’t matter if we do fight sometimes over things we don’t agree on, but we keep on working on it.  The important part is that we listen and try to understand each other.

I consider change to be a miracle because of its  cause and effect relationship.  Let us say for example if we change our perspectives on things like: homosexuality, we become more tolerant with those that surround us; the homeless, we become proactive in helping them overcome this way of life; and on drug addiction, we may find ways of helping them overcome their addiction.

“The miracle of change lives in all of us, we just to have to discover it.”

This amazing world we live on is always moving, changing, in constant evolution, and I ask myself, why can’t we be the same?   I know for a fact that it can be hard because I myself am as stubborn as a mule.  Nevertheless, I’m sure that after we take time to listen to the many voices that surround our lives we will be heading towards the right direction, the direction of change.

The same direction that will bring small miracles through our journey through life, that same direction will substitute the what ifs and make them only hows.  Instead of  handling it down to others,  we will begin saying how can I make that happen not only for me, but also for others.

Let’s embrace change as part of our core self  because when everything has been said and done, we’ll finally understand  that’s what living is all about!