Are you out of your mind, I just can’t have fun right now!!!!!!

As we grow old our childhood memories fade away.  We need to make an effort just to trigger our minds to come up with some memories.  Why?

Probably because we stop having time just to have fun.  Childhood and fun are two words that just seem right together. You can’t think of one without the other.   We do make us some good excuses using our friend or foe,  Time,  to back us up.  Personally, I use it to justify myself when I don’t want to deal with something or someone.  I love the statement,

-“I just don’t have the time.”   With the added  hand gestures, and the frown I throw in for free.  My life is complicated right now, what are you saying about having fun????  Are you out of your mind??????

No matter the circumstances in any child’s life, they always find time to have fun.   As a matter of fact, we (as children) also had plenty of  time to have fun.

Coming back to our own childhoods, the other day when my parent’s neighbor passed away, I thought about how it was while I was growing up.  I remembered playing a game we called “palo libre” which was running around and hiding and making it to a tree and touching it while avoiding someone who was there trying to touch you before you were able to touch the tree itself.   It was absolutely super fun, more so if you were playing with a herd of wild crazy kids like yourself.

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Where are all of them today?

We’ve grown apart throughout the years, forgotten shared memories and just let ourselves become adults.  Don’t get me wrong everyone needs to grow up, the thing is that we can do it without losing the simple joys of life.

How can we once again enjoy the simple pleasures in life?  Is it doable?  Can we go back to when having fun was something to do on our To Do List.

Right now, I’m kicking my brains to come up with a way, and my thoughts are empty.

If I would be getting a head CT scan right now, probably the technician would say in shock, “Where did it go?”.  (Referring to my brains.)

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It’s probably because I’m trying to come up with general ideas of regaining our childhood joy.   You can’t go general with this type of thing, you need to go specific.  Which means that I need to think about ways I personally can regain my childhood joy!

Which translates in, everyone has to come up with their own ways.

My own childhood joy maybe would sparkle up my life if I would be;

  • silly,
  • laugh at myself once in a while,
  • make up stories in my head,
  • joke around,
  • run just because I want to not because I need to stay fit,
  • jump out of joy when someone or something makes me happy,
  • laugh out loud even if it’s not proper,
  • share the better side of people (I always use to do this as I child), and
  • look at life with clean eyes (the hardest part, we become so distant from our inner child just be reading the news.)

I will be trying these out myself during the next couple of days.  I’ll begin with smiling instead of frowning and finish it off with some shared laughs with anyone who wants to share a joke with me. I’ll even try relax instead of being so stiff all the time, you never know I may like it so much, I’ll end up being relaxed all the time and  recapture some of my childhood happiness.

I looked at things differently back then, even though my childhood was less than idyllic.

What about you?  What are you willing to do to recapture your inner child and have a little bit of pure fun?