Pursuing Our Quests

As we celebrated “Three King’s Day” yesterday I waved Christmas goodbye.
Three Kings pic monkey

In Puerto Rico, Christmas season extends to January 6th, because we celebrate the epiphany with the arrival of the Three Kings to see baby Jesus.

Children young and old, recollect grass during the afternoon of the 5th, and place it underneath their beds.  Presents are placed underneath each bed during the night and grass will disappear magically.  It’s something like the cookies that are left as snacks for Santa.

We sing songs related to the Three Kings and celebrate it as tradition mandates.  Festivals are held for children all around the country.

It’s important to keep traditions alive for future generations.  After almost one hundred and seventeen years of being a U.S. territory the American culture tends to rub on “a bit”.  Our children mostly have to rely on television commercials to grasp the importance of Christmas, which mainly is how many great gifts we can get.

Christmas is about sacrifice and love.

If you look closely to the story told about the Three Kings, and their travel across the desert.  It wasn’t easy, they endured plenty to get to glimpse at God’s grace through his greatest gift.

If one of my professors could read this, he would probably laugh at my face.  Saying, “Really?”.

He graduated from one of the top schools in U.S. continental (Columbia) for Liberal Arts majors and he referred constantly at the stories told in the Bible as fiction, or folktales. He didn’t believe for one second in the Epiphany or any other “nonsense” found in the Bible.  He had no faith or believed in nothing that couldn’t be proven without doubt. That’s who he was.

Sorry, Dr. Velázquez, but even though I have no reasons for believing, I do.

Believing in something (whatever it is) makes you feel better about yourself and the things and people that surround you.

With the end of Christmas and the beginning of a new year we have plenty of opportunities ahead of us.  We can start over, renew and experience fresh starts.

The Three Kings had a mission and they completed it without aborting without giving in to all the obstacles they found in their way.  They didn’t give up!

Why should we give up in our quests?

It really doesn’t matter if they are important or not, it’s about if they’re important to you as an individual.

Let’s name our quests and pursue them relentlessly, without caving or giving up.

For some, it could be becoming more healthy, for others buying a new car or being selfless, or pursuing a new career or any other thing.  The important part is not caving.

Three Kings Quijote Style

Christmas will be back at the end of the year, just think how good it’s going to feel when you say to yourself,

“Hey, I did it.”

“I conquered my quest.”

The Three King’s festivities are there for the taking.  It’s a beautiful story to share with young and old, just grasp and learn from it.

So you see “mis queridos amigos” life is what we make of it and at the end it’s all about believing in yourself and not letting go ever, never allowing others to dictate how you live or what you believe in.  Having faith is so much better than believing that the worst will always happen to you.

Conquer your quest and never stop believing.

“Hasta la próxima.”