From My Little Corner of the World

Dear readers, as the Sun rises in the horizon and skies are painted in shades of blue, orange and some yellow here and there I ponder about how noisy this world is.  I’m not talking about noisy in cars speeding  by or people talking out loud, but the noise we all  make to be heard in a world where everybody wants to state a viewpoint on someone or something, just about anything as a matter of fact.

I love the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet because it represents very accurately the parallel universe of our cyber world.  There is so much information attached to so many possibilities that it’s ridiculous.

Nowadays the crowds move from one thing to another in mass, switching interests so rapidly that it can scare the heck out of you.  Empathy grows by the millions and fades away in seconds and people move on to the next big thing.

Is this stoppable? I really don’t think so.

What can we do about it?  Not much collectively, but rather individually. We can switch off our cyber universe for a while each day if we choose to.

How can we teach our younger ones?  By example.

It’s funny people often repeat that our kids now a days have been born into technology, that they don’t play outside as we used to, this or that.  The truth of the matter is that we began changing earlier than they did because we set the example  for them to be drawn to the fast pace of our cyber worlds, where everything is given or done instantly and where patience has little or no place at all.

When we need to wait even just for a few seconds or minutes for our internet connections to work and “high speed” seems to be not so fast, it  aggravates the hell out of us.  Not a good way to cultivate patience for sure.

You know it’s not that important to be heard, it’s more important to listen.  Listen to  others and to our inner voices with a compassionate heart.  Which sounds terrific, but is very hard to practice by the way.  Just the other day, I was putting myself  through an excruciating conversation with a very negative and pessimistic person and I felt like snapping (and to be completely honest I did snap a bit), but then I reminded myself to listen with compassion and just let go of my way and viewpoints.


So as it goes, the Sun is already up, the sky is no longer shaded with those beautiful mixed colors, it took its time, the right amount, not too long or short.  It wasn’t done with a click, but in time enough. The day will go on until dusk comes around and the other side of our planet gets to see some of this amazing light.

I kind of think that I’ll rather follow nature’s lead and live today with just the right amount of time and patience.  It’s better that trying to keep up with the cyber world that never takes a break, that is controlled by no one yet by everyone. Sunrise and sun fall are strangers to this world.

From someone from this corner of the world to anyone who stops by to read my blog,  practice friendship to every  living thing in this world.  From a plant to a human being and everything in between.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hasta pronto.