Bloggers Did What Bloggers Do

Dear readers, blogging has become like the everyday life of the everyday people.  We are bombarded by inspiration, meanness, sadness, tragedy, crime, politics, dirty politics, the right-left and every wing in between and more of everything, everybody and anyone in this vast wired universe.  Affluence and influence are big out there also and everyone seems to be finding a voice.  Didn’t know mine or anybody’s voice was lost in the first place.


Celebrities use their platforms to preach love and spend part of their millions in this or that charity and are listed as philanthropists which makes it okay then to follow them with the million or so followers in their respective social platforms.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love Alicia Keys or Ellen (with her I always have my reserves) she just has that wee bit of something that sets me off.  Many of them joining the vlogger movement which is awesome.  I like vloggers because I can see their expressions and voice inflections which make their presentations interesting.  Nevertheless, their social platforms are only just that, like everybody’s else not to taken too seriously.  If we were as rich or famous probably are public representative people would tell us what to put out there.

This line of thinking came after listening  to Michelle Obama say,  “bloggers did what bloggers do…” when talking about her personal experiences in the world of politics in her memoir.   That line just sparked something in me,  it made me reflect on that statement, and ask myself,

What is it that bloggers do?

The answer is simple and straightforward, we write about the topic trending at hand.

I can only imagine that today BlogHer or whatever it is their calling themselves today, HuffPost and all major blogging platforms blogging (which translates into writing) about the JetBlue rapists creeps. Their lives will be dissected and their stupidity and criminal acts will be blasted all over the web in depth.  Not leaving behind the actions that JetBlue took or did not take about it.  These two creeps have jobs where the lives of many are on the line, how can you place your trust in a company that is an epic fail when testing their employees for any type of drugs. Being myself one of the naive people that catch a flight or two every once in a while.

Bloggers are doing their work as writers, but the targeted audience sometimes is just plain lost.  You know our community is a powerful one because we are sparking conversations about important topics going on in the world.  I’m just using the term “we” loosely because I’m a microscopic part of this complex organism.

Blogging or vlogging are creative outlets for many people, some famous some not, some seeking their fifteen minutes of viral or so.  But you know, the best part is that you can express your feeling, share information or just write however it is you do it and connect with someone that will stumble upon your piece. It’s like a freelancing essay that will not be submitted for neither your peers or your teacher.

For me there is only one point which should be the golden rule, always utilize “writing ethic” which means no trolling, slashing, or demeaning any person and I mean everyone doesn’t matter the circumstance or the social standing of who it is.  Personally I strongly dislike parodies and also memes (Eddie Murphy’s take on Mr. Rogers made me cry).  I understand that everyone wants a piece of the pie and many celebrities and politicians walk easily into situations that later make them  laughing stock of millions around the world.

People should have the opportunity of passing judgement of the facts without editing.

As bloggers when writing about breaking news or events we should only try to write about it in our clearest voice, I’m not digging the whole voice situation. Everyone has a voice and uses it often, its using it in the best ethical way possible.

Just blog on…….. I’ll keep doing the same from my tiny microscopic place.