Tonight I shared some time with my in-laws alone, my husband wasn’t with me because he caught a bug.  Some people “don’t like” their in-laws, but I love mine.  It’s not a fake kind of love, but a true and genuine one.  This can sound weird, but their my cousins from my mom’s side.  Their not related with each other, but both are related with me through my mom.  My mother in law is my mom’s first cousin through my grandmother’s side and my father in law is my mom’s first cousin through my grandfather’s side.  They’ve always been part of my life from my very beginning (when I was inside my mom’s womb).

So you can get the picture here, I married my third cousin (I’m not sure this category really exists)!

My mom and my mother in law were both pregnant at the same time  (my mom with me and my mother in law with my husband obviously).  Probably they would talk every time they met about how their pregnancies were going, I was a second child so my mom was more experienced than she was.  I can hear my mom talking about her pregnancy and what things were best for pregnant women, she’s very opinionated!  I can also imagine my mother in law in her quiet demeanor, just listening, not voicing her opinion or thoughts and ultimately doing whatever she thought was best.  My mom always wants to boss her around a bit!

Fast forward, when they finally had their babies (my husband and myself) both paid each other visits to see the babies and welcome them into our family.  Wow!  If they only knew we would end up getting married.  That sure would have scared the crap out of them!

my mom, me and my mother in law
Christmas 2012

Even though I love this story, my post isn’t about my mom, my mother in law and me. It’s only the background of the story I want to share with you.  Basically it’s about how love, faith and believing and how they can pull us through almost anything.

My in-laws held us strong while we crossed the turbulent waters of illness.  Their love became the bridge that helped us get to the other side together.  They were able to guide us strongly and firmly to where we needed to go.  They financially and emotionally supported us while the storm was hitting us strong.   But beyond anything else, now it’s our turn to hold them throughout the storm that’s hitting them with the forces of Super Storm Sandy.

Their hurricane force winds are called cancer!

During my visit tonight we remembered.  What did we remember? Things that happened to us while we were waiting for my husband’s transplant.  I heard my mother in law tell me about the time when she came over to my house after I called her to pick up some clothes for me after I had been in the hospital with Carlos for a few days.  How she was so upset that she picked a fight with God because she was sick and tired of having to take clean clothes to me in the hospital. Not because she didn’t want to help me but because she felt a staggering pain because I had to live through the sorrow of having a very sick husband.  How she fell to her knees and implored God to pass her this suffering.  She asked Him to heal his son and spare her daughter in law of the pain.

We cried as we remembered the anguish of not knowing what was going to happen and then finally we rejoiced as we remembered how God had carried us through out the whole ordeal.

That’s when I told my  father in law, “He did it once and He’ll do it again, I know you will be fine and our faith will carry us once more through out this. “.

As we talked, cried, hugged and kissed each other we found comfort and solace.  I know something for sure we will be fine and our faith will pull us through once more.  If we feel doubtful (very understandable) the only thing you need to do is remember.