Coaches and Culture

Before I begin writing this post  I’m going to  apologize.   For what?  To who?  What did you do?  Probably these would be your questions.  Actually I’m apologizing to all those great coaches out there in the little, basketball, soccer, karate, judo and whatever league you may coach in.

Now let’s get down to business.  Yesterday I went to have dinner with my husband in a small restaurant in a town called Pepino or San Sebastian del Pepino, we were aiming for a quiet conversation and a nice dinner.  At  least we were able to have the nice dinner, but forget about the conversation.  Why?  There was a very loud man sitting right across us that seemed to be the host of a very loud dinner party.  The best behaved were two boys (which seemed to be in the range or 14 to 15).  Their dinner party was made up of one very loud man, and two not at the same level of loud (at least in their conversations, forget about their laughter) and one quiet lady (which after a while I kind of figured out was the wife of the loud one).   Probably you’re guessing  by now why I wasn’t having the quiet or any conversation with my hubby,  I was to busy not minding my own business.  Their conversation  or better said the one  Mr. Loud was presiding (being a coach seems to give you some sort of social standing)  ranged in topics from dirty jokes to sports, talk about sport stereotyped guys and right there we had a few.  So, you could say they had a variety of topic!

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By now you know I took an instant dislike on the loud one.

To add-on to my aggravation, when the waitress (a young and nice looking lady) came around their table.  Mr. Loud Mouth looked her all over and became Mr. Mellow.  Wow!  All of this was happening while his lady was checking her phone (probably Facebook).

Since Mr. Loud had problems with his volume in no time my husband and me figured out he was a coach somewhere or for something.  Five minutes down the road we found out that he was some sort of karate or judo coach.  He began talking about another coach  and how he wasn’t training his boys correctly, and bla bla bla bla……    Then began doing what everyone who criticize others in their same field,  after trashing the other party,  begin  highlighting their  own career (if any) and how he knew what was best as he trained his boys the way it should be. Who’s way?  Obviously his way.   One of the men that were eating with him had the audacity of trying to contribute to his training method, to which he snapped with a “who told you that?” As if he was crazy (it was something about a muscle in your bicep) I missed what he answered, but it seemed to have convinced  Mr. Loudmouth because he didn’t snap back a reply of “I don’t think so.”.

Finally our meal was here!

We concentrated in eating and talking about our food and  “voila”, our neighbors vanished for a while, actually  we know longer followed their high volume conversation.  Our food was delicious, and as we enjoyed it our conversation took off  a bit on the loud side because if not we wouldn’t be able to hear ourselves, but such is life.

Thanks to Mr. Loud we began seeing a new perspective on coaches, yet my dear husband pointed out that in occasions  first impressions were wrong.  Maybe he was a great coach.  Talk about brotherhood!

Today we rush our children off to some sport as soon as we can (Ian is two years away from being accepted in any sport for that matter and we began planning to swift him off to soccer as soon as possible when he was barely one), but we have to stop and think about the coach.  Who is he?  Who are the people who have their kids in that league (whatever it may be)?  How much money do they ask for (Mr. Loud was talking about fees and fees and fees) ?  With what frequency?

Sports are great , but we have to be careful with who and who’s care they play sports under.  Mr. Loud taught us some free lessons yesterday.  After we had the forced opportunity of having dinner with him, we rethought our choices.  Ian will be playing soccer when the time is right.  We chose soccer because of the energy level and because my 20 and 21-year-old sons love the sport, so if sometime they have to fill in for me they’ll do it willingly, but before signing him in any group or league, we plan to visit around.  We are going to sit through a practice and observe the coach (how he interacts with the team),  and basically talk to the parents around.  We want to make sure the coach is a bit more than a loud mouth (even though coaches are a bit loud that seems to come with the trade).   Most of the times the coaches are parents that are volunteering which is great by the way.   So you can’t expect to have a P.E. teacher (that usually comes with a price tag)  guiding the kids through it all, but maybe and just maybe you’ll come across a guy that even though is loud is kind enough to listen to other people’s suggestions without barking.  These are children, not sport professionals.  You never know some might end up in the professional league, but if it’s going to happen these boys or girls will shine by themselves despite of who or what their circumstances are.

This coach seems nice, let’s hope he’s telling the player a couple of nice things. Like it’s , “Do you think you can continue?”. (via morgueFile)

Bottom line, our dinner did not go as planned, but rarely life does.  Embrace, learn and move on!  There is no other way living.