A Lesson We Can Learn From Chicken Little

Chicken Little is one of my favorite characters ever.

I find him really cute, but what I like the most is that both of us share a certain fascination about the sky.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when he’s sitting on the roof of his home just gazing at the sky and sighing.

I love to look at the vast Caribbean skies. Our skies have these gorgeous shades of blue that change as they kiss the tip of the mountain with the occasional cloud on a beautiful sunny day.


My husband and me moved to our home almost twenty-five years ago, we were young, innocent and a bit naïve.  We would lie on our porch star-gazing, a lot of people daydream we would night-dream.  We would try to find the different constellations and just marvel at the amount of stars we saw each night.  We made plans, we dreamed, we hoped, and ultimately just wanted to be happy with each other.

I always felt so tiny!  My worries and expectations seemed nothing against that beautiful vast night sky.

As years passed we made it a family thing.

We gazed the sky together as a family and it helped us put things into the right perspective.  The kids would share their troubles and when Christmas came around we would look out for “The Three Kings“.  Each November three stars perfectly aligned would stare them in the face.  That made them happy because all of them love Christmas and this festivity is part of our culture and ethnicity.

Today each one of them are adults and when things trouble them they step outside and take a moment in the quiet of the night to help them sort things out.  The stars and moon above have witnessed serious conversations with their significant others, and maybe some passion along the way.


Some days as the night settles and I just take a moment to appreciate it and remember the words of a very kind and wise woman, “Some things in life are just darn terrible, but as each day goes by you’ll get use to it in your life and as days pass you’ll find out that they don’t seem as terrible anymore.”.

Even if our personal skies are troubled with the anger of lightning striking hard and fast, I always knew that they would eventually turn crisp clear once more.  Because our lives are always beautiful and very much worth living.


nightSo my dear friends, if any of you ever have the need to gain perspective on anything on life just follow the lead Chicken Little gave us at some point, gaze up above and marvel on the fact that we’re just mere particles in this vast world and life is amazingly beautiful even in our worst days.

See you around the corner and remember never stop believing in yourself or the good of life.