Our “If You Do This, Then We’ll Do That” Children

Back in the day (at least my day), when my then young children had to comply with my instructions, I told them what to do and they did it.  No ifs, protests, or anything as  a matter of fact.

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Now things have changed a bit, I’ve shifted my style a bit.  If you’re nice, then you’ll get to ride the multiple cars that are at the exit of the supermarket.  The words naughty and nice are gaining importance in my household by the second.

Probably many parents struggle each day with simple commands, as:

“Brush your teeth”, ”

“We need to get you out of your pajamas.”,

“Comb your hair”, or

“Pick up your mess”.

Gee, I know I repeat these every day at least ten times a day. 

For starters, if I get him to brush his teeth, he’ll do it on his terms, which usually translates in using more water than usual,

if he gets out of his pajamas, he fusses over the clothes that he wants to wear that particular day,

if he combs his hair, it’s gonna be only the bangs,

and if he picks up his mess, it’s after serious intimidation methods, and ends up pleading for help to complete the task.

He sounds like a small spoiled brat (which he probably is), but I’ve talked to other parents who struggle with the same thing.  Once someone shared with me over coffee, what she thought was the problem.

Today’s children are overstimulated.  They interact with technology and receive immediate response (that’s why they probably want everything now), too much at the same time happens in their lives.

Well, she does have a point or two.

They are the children of the Era of Technology & Information.

Though bottom line, our children have learned early on in life to bargain and are darn good at it.  They can give any broker a run for their money and we can’t expect to raise them the same way children were reared twenty plus years ago.

Or can we?

Not sure on that one folks.

So you see my dear amigos, karma is a bitch and it will bite you in the tail, I thought that my GI methods a long time away were unbeatable (I raised three great adults), but they no longer stand a chance to this brand new generation of Peppa Kids.

No longer do I raise my little noise in disbelief when I see a full-blown tantrum and you are going to see me in the supermarket any given day negotiating a ride or whatever it is he wants that day, if he’s a nice boy.   Basically because change is what makes this beautiful blue globe spin each day and life is all about it.  Even if it means that we have to change our old ways.

And remember never stop believing in the beauty of life or yourself.

“Hasta la próxima.”





Today Is a Great Day to Change the World

Let’s give it a try, just one kind gesture towards anybody known or unknown to you would be great.

Our world is in dire need of change, let’s take our first step today.

Let’s do it one step after the other and in no time it will be part of our lives.

Logo for T-Shirts of a March that will be held today.
Logo for T-Shirts of a March that will be held today.



A Minute in Eternity

A Minute in Eternity

My daughter took this pic last Summer as she traveled Europe the last Summer she was in school.

Things have changed in her life ever since.

What makes me think about how different the seasons of our lives are.

Are life is just a minute in eternity, we need to make the best of it.

What are you doing with your minute?


The Miracle of Change

Listening to what we don’t want to hear is hard.

A couple of years ago I held a strong grudge against an old friend and just would not let it go.  My oldest son gave me a reality check on how things had gone and why he thought that we both acted against our friendship. We ventured together on a business with different perspectives and never talked about it openly.  Bottom line, I lost a dear friend and have carried the guilt of it through out the years.

Over the years many of us get stuck in our own ways.  I would love to emphasize the word “stuck” because it means there is no way we’re moving.  Stuck as in “quicksand” stuck !  We are up to our knees in it, meaning that change is not an option.

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One of my greatest challenges has been  learning  to listen to my daughter over the years,  even though sometimes it’s gone wrong and we’ve end up bickering and mad at each other.  Yet we overcome our anger and begin our conversations all over again.  It doesn’t matter if we do fight sometimes over things we don’t agree on, but we keep on working on it.  The important part is that we listen and try to understand each other.

I consider change to be a miracle because of its  cause and effect relationship.  Let us say for example if we change our perspectives on things like: homosexuality, we become more tolerant with those that surround us; the homeless, we become proactive in helping them overcome this way of life; and on drug addiction, we may find ways of helping them overcome their addiction.

“The miracle of change lives in all of us, we just to have to discover it.”

This amazing world we live on is always moving, changing, in constant evolution, and I ask myself, why can’t we be the same?   I know for a fact that it can be hard because I myself am as stubborn as a mule.  Nevertheless, I’m sure that after we take time to listen to the many voices that surround our lives we will be heading towards the right direction, the direction of change.

The same direction that will bring small miracles through our journey through life, that same direction will substitute the what ifs and make them only hows.  Instead of  handling it down to others,  we will begin saying how can I make that happen not only for me, but also for others.

Let’s embrace change as part of our core self  because when everything has been said and done, we’ll finally understand  that’s what living is all about!