Walking With My Feet And Not My Head

Dear readers, how many times can we catch ourselves doing things in an automated almost industrial way?

I try to not fall into this practice, but it seems quite difficult sometimes. I walk with my thoughts, and don’t pay attention to my walking. When a worry comes up I walk in forgetfulness. Not really looking deeply where my steps are leading me.

Our quarantine has made it easier because today we walk in limited spaces. Which makes walking a bit more easier. I’ve read to many times that 2020 is a year of lost time, but is it really?

2020 has taught me, how precious life is. How vulnerable we all are at one point or another. And above all it has taught me to walk with my feet and not with my head. Taking the time to trace my steps without hurry or forgetfulness, just getting from one place to another without hurry.

My beloved husband has worked most of his adult life as part of the pharmaceutical industry workforce, and often has told me how machines or a supervisor mark their path in work. The line needs to be accountable for each second, their feet need to hurry from one task to the other without hesitation.

I often see him as he hurries at home completing diligently all the big and small tasks and errands he needs to finish. When I am aware, I tell him, “Cojelo con calma amores.”, which means take it easy my love.

We walk in a hurry towards our meals, our housekeeping, our jobs, our children and almost everything we interact with.

2020 is the year that has taught me that I can’t continue to live walking with my thoughts (which eventually become my actions), but just concentrate on my feet appreciating the wonderful thing of actually being able to walk.

Stop yourself the next time you are running somewhere and just marvel at your feet and the many places they can take you. Leaving your thoughts for times when you can pay attention to what they are saying to you. Life is a marvelous thing, and 2020 has taught me that valuable lesson.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember be kind and compassionate to yourself, so you can give those gifts to others.

Hasta pronto.

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The Road of Mental Illness

What goes on in the mind of a man that kills himself along with his two children?

When faced to a question without an answer, we disregard further thought and explain it with two words, “mental illness”.

I wasn’t catching all the reporter’s words because Ian had come from our church’s summer camp and he was talking to me about something his camp leader had asked him to bring tomorrow. So, I kept on asking my husband, “What did she say?”.

Carlos replied, “I’m not paying too much attention to the report.”

I knew he was trying not to get his head wrapped around the news clip, with thoughts about the two boys who perished with their dad. As a father he just can’t understand an atrocity like this.

Mental illness is blamed more too often for everything from mass shootings to callous murders.  I’m not saying it isn’t the issue at hand, but there are preventive measures we can take to avoid these tragedies.


Carlos lost his job last year, a job he thought he would retire from and that brought an enormous emotional baggage he had to deal with. It has been hard on him and on our family, but we’re working at it.  This man had also lost his job and was facing a tough reality in front of him.  He took the easy way out.

Just looking at my seven-year-old, I felt heavy hearted just thinking about how innocent he is and how blindly he trusts us.  Those two boys trusted their father the very same way.

I only can think about, what they asked him, if they were hungry or thirsty, or if they were asking him where their mommy was. Answers to these questions will remain unanswered to us.

When events like this happen, people have a hard time believing in anything. These events compromise humanity’s faith because there is the underlying question of, “Why did God let this happen?” “Where was God?” However, you can’t forget that as humans one of the endowments we possess is free will.

We make choices.

Today this man chose death over life.

Surpassing all the things that are categorized under mental health, we need to be vigilant of those who surround us.

This life has so many ups and downs, but one of the most beautiful things we can do for ourselves is develop creativity.  Create new things when those we have get broken.  Shifting paradigms and rewriting our lives with brand new scripts to tell a new story.  This is the message we need to deliver to those we love and those we meet.  A message of hope, so they can believe that things will get better.

It’s a difficult road to travel because sometimes people don’t want to listen to a message of hope or any kind of message.  Nonetheless, we need to keep on trying and find the courage to confront someone we think may harm themselves or those they love.

So, next time we come across a situation we may easily categorize under “mental health” issues, let’s take a moment to readdress the situation with the mentality of what can I do to help this person and offer him, or her preventive self-care not only for their own safekeeping, but also for their family.

See you around the corner, and thanks for stopping by. And remember  be kind to yourself and to others.  Kindness my dear friends can go a very long way.