I Want It Now Syndrome

During our lives we have come across situations where basically we become toddlers all over again.

When a child turns two or three they get into a phase where waiting is a royal pain in the butt. However, as “mature and reasonable” adults we also engage in the “I Want It Now Syndrome” now and then.

Recently I’ve had to deal with an issue with my wireless phone company about a situation where one of my devices and lines was blocked due to an error of someone in a technical department. Actually it was placed on a black list of stolen phones!

Never forget for a second the famous Forest Gump saying, “shit happens”.  Believe me once in a while it really does.

From my personal collection.  Taken at Mall of America, MO.
From my personal collection. Taken at Mall of America, MO.

My Forest Gump moment was on a day nobody wants to deal with phone related issues, “Christmas”.  You know, the day when we remember close and far away relatives and we phone them with our  traditional Christmas greetings.

My device from hell.
My device from hell.

Just imagine, you are in the middle of your call all jolly and sounding really excited, saying

“Hi, it’s me (probably they know it’s you because your name is showing up on the screen) I just wanted to say Merry Chris………… ”

While on the other side of the line, whoever it is your calling is getting ready to bam you back with their jolliest when ….. the line goes dead.

The callee (is that a word or what?) is thinking “What the shit???” and tries to call back and a recorded message says,

“The number you are calling has been blocked”.

Probably your relative is saying,

“Wow, just in the middle of the call I lost the conversation, probably she didn’t pay her bill this month.”

Well, fast forwarding if you are getting bored, I engaged in the “I Want It Now Syndrome” with my wireless company.

I didn’t want it resolved in 24, 48, 72  hours, I wanted the situation resolved instantly!

Just think about it I was feeling embarrassed about what people were thinking each time somebody was calling me. I was getting all worked up and I relentlessly told every customer care representative I had to deal with.  (Believe me there were a lot of them from all over the place.)

My wireless company has five centers in Miami, Columbia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and  one place I’m totally forgetting about.  Each time one of them would ask me,

“Como se siente en el dia de hoy?”  Which means,  How are you feeling today?  I literally flipped each time.

How the hell do you think I’m feeling, whoa, what a stupid question.  (I was getting meaner by the second).

Today after twenty-one days dealing with all this crap, I stopped looked at my husband and said,

“You know what, it’s okay, we are not going to go there. Things will take care of themselves we just have to look for alternate ways of getting there.”

I realized we are not two or three years old, and even if its worth a tantrum, we have to hold it together and  find solutions for our problems.  Today it’s been my crappy wireless company, tomorrow it will probably be another thing.

So, my dear friends let’s not fall into this terrible syndrome and always believe in ourselves as we try to figure out the shit that happens to us once in a while, and the blessing of living each one of our days in this beautiful blue planet.

“Hasta la próxima, mis amigos.”