With so little we can make a difference!

This week I’m obsessed with rats and mice.   NO kidding???  Anyone with a home invasion like the one I suffered would also be blogging about these little fellows non stop.  Right now I’m just being a drama queen because I’ve thought about how people around our country and the world put up with this all the time.

They deal with living with these atrocious little things .  While I cleaned my home thoroughly and sanitized it in the process, thoughts of people living in poverty just struck me!

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I’m an ordinary low middle class person, my husband has a decent job (doesn’t make tons of money), but puts bread on our table, has medical insurance coverage, we own our home (debt-free) and live on a nice three acre property.

I got very annoyed because of my little visitor!

By all means I tried to get rid of it.  However how can people cohabit with them?  How can many homeless people can almost eat and live with them, side by side?  Everyone knows that mice and rats love dumpsters, and there is where you can precisely find many homeless on any given night of the week.

Probably they don’t even stop to consider them at all.  They are part of each others lives.

Just by thinking about all the possible situations only made me feel grateful and humble of all that I have.

What probably broke my heart the most was thinking of all the children that grow up without knowing any better in so many countries around the world.

I’ve gone to great lengths to check on all my windows with their screens and my doors.  What about families that don’t have the basic protection to houses that are missing windows or even doors.  Where poverty just covers everything around it?

Do you think this doesn’t happen in America?  You may be surprised on what you can found out.  Poverty in the United States in 2012 according to Wikepedia was ranking in a 16%, including 20% of children.

I heard someone say that, “..with so little we can make a difference.”  If this premise is true then we surely can do something to try to help so many that don’t have the basis necessities that our mainstream society has.

It’s up to us to figure out my dear friend  how we can help others overcome their situations.

That’s what compassion and social justice is all about.  The time has come where all of us need to extend our hands and help without trying to blame our government for everything that is wrong around us.

So, next time something bothers the hell out of us just take a moment to think about all our blessings and you’ll be surprised how happy you may feel for everyone and everything in our lives.