Hey, I’m Moving!

Well, if you think I’m writing all these posts every other minute today…. I’m sorry to inform you that my creative juice isn’t that good!  I’m just moving my blog from blogger to Word Press.   Why?  Basically because a couple of weeks ago some nice gal or guy infected it with some dreadful malware.  I’ve been on top of it, and even have a tech guy trying to sort out the mess, but what can I say, my faith in blogger dropped a bit there.  So, here I am!

My blogger account (http://whatothers.blogspot.com/)  will remain open and my friends over there will still be hearing from me, and most importantly I’ll also be hearing from them,  but I’ll rather play it safe and have another home as well.  You know what they say,  better safe than sorry.   So, happy blogging everyone!

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