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Dear readers, as humans we never stop asking ourselves questions.  We want to know all the why’s, all the reasons listed neatly below our diverse dilemmas of our every day lives.  Nonetheless, we want to skip the process of agreeing with our why’s.

My generation (Generation X) were taught by the Baby Boomers (My parents) to always comply with the rules, no questions asked.  I’ve seen a shift in this trend for sure, specially after watching Meryl Streep’s superb performance in Laundromat.  Mostly her interrogatives at the end of it were all open end questions, almost all beginning with the powerful “Why?”.

My little boy belongs to a generation that after listening to the list of rules laid before him, he will then proceed to ask, “Why?”.

All of us for sure have a list of why’s, that some will place in the open and others, like me, will try to shy away from.  The power of the why walks us through different stages of thinking and creating consciousness of our choices, of our circumstances, or of our perspectives on so many different things, persons or events in our lives.

So my dear friends, what is the point I would like to make today?


It’s not about the generation we belong to,  did, does or will do, but more about how many questions we are willing to ask ourselves.  How many why’s do we want to discover the answers to.

The path of the one million questions can be painful.

We may have to cry a bit after we discover ourselves, not to dwell on our sadness, but to cleanse our spirit. 

We will probably laugh at ourselves, maybe finding ourselves a bit ridiculous.

We will give ourselves a mental pat in the back or a thumbs up, and maybe we will want to kick ourselves in the butt.

And, lastly but not less important, we will thank ourselves for having practiced the powerful “Why?”.

See you around the corner, be kind to yourself and others, and make your world the best place to live in because there is no way we will as a collective  inhabit a world that will ever be perfect.  Hasta pronto!