I’ve never thought that love should be begged or conditioned.

Love is love.

We love despite distance or circumstances, which is a ball park away from begging or placing conditions, like “this will work only, if……” .  You are more than welcome to fill in the blanks because I know at some point in our lives all of us encounter the “ifs and “if not’s” with the people who surround us.


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Probably one of the best examples is the love a child receives from his  or her parents.  They love him or her despite anything and everything. They bestow all they have upon that tiny life that comes from them. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve this same purity in a meaningful relationship with another person.

It could be a friend, a sibling, a pet, a significant other.  Someone who will be right by your side through and through.  When the winds of life  blow strong and relentless destroying everything that surrounds you, you know deep inside that things will turn out right and if not,  you’ll have someone to hold  (or lick) you as your sorrow takes over.

People in our lives come and go, but some stay for the long run.  These relationships are built afar or close by.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen each other every day since you met, or if you reunite with them through out periods of time.  It’s always going to feel right. It’s a sensation of coming home.

True love withstands the test of time without shame or insecurity.  It commands only one thing, giving all you have without holding back who  you are or will be.

Acceptance is the key of any form of love, however the most challenging.

It becomes challenging specially when a parent has to accept different dimensions of an offspring as they grow older.  Young adults often lack in the maturity of being able to see things from an older person’s point of view because their scope in life is limited by their age or circumstances.  Nevertheless, many parents will accept their choices out of love for them.

Even if they have to collect their scattered hearts and tell them, “You know what, you can come home any moment you want.”,  and  help them get on their feet as if they were teaching them to take small steps as they learned to walk.

This same challenge remains in all other forms of love as well.  However, these same challenges will become pillars in any form of relationship making them stronger as they sustain the test of time.

So, my dear friends never doubt for a second in giving or receiving not any type of love, but the purity of a love that comes within the spring waters of our core. Love heals never destroys and believe it’s hard coming upon it in life, so when you do, don’t let the opportunity of grasping that special moment pass by.

And don’t forget to never take more than you give in this amazing circle of life we all get to live in for just a moment in eternity.

See you around the corner.



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