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When Advent comes around the corner each year, memories come clashing furiously forcing themselves into my thoughts.

Memories of past holidays where love and affection were very much present through the blessing of having a friend like Carmen in my life.


It’s been fifteen year already.

Fifteen Christmas’ I’ve celebrated without her in our family’s lives.

I’ve looked from afar how her beautiful baby boy has turned into a fantastic young man, who I know for sure exceeded all her expectations.

Some time ago, I received you could say like a weird phone call from her husband.  None the less, even if it took me some time I have to acknowledge he picked a great mom for her baby.  She’s done more than good, she’s done great.

Well, coming back to the phone call, he was just calling to tell me that he loved us and that he wanted to come to visit for Christmas.  It’s taken him quite some time to come back.  Fifteen years can be a lifetime. However, something tells me that this Christmas Carmen is going to be around here someplace.

When her family make their way back to our home in the mountains my heart will rejoice in her memory and some of the sadness that the holidays bring will dissipate as the sun sets bringing light and darkness together.

Grief is a bit like that, we mourn as darkness surrounds our souls.  However, we can’t push away the bright and happy memories we cherish of those we have loved and lost as new light comes as our star settles in the sky bringing a new day.

So, my dear friends, never stop believing in yourself or the good in life because no matter what happens in our lives the light always follows the darkness of a cold and long night.

There is a time for everything and everything has its time. A time to cry and a time to heal.  What is it going to be for you?

See you around the corner.