Who Do You F@%&ing Think You Are?

I’ve heard this  many times in many conversations, “Who do you  think you are?”.

Not as a rhetorical question of enlightenment, but as a nasty response to someone who is passing judgement over others.

Sometimes and just sometimes we need to remind ourselves of our humanity.  It’s way better to be reminded by yourself, then to be reminded by someone not so nicely.

For some reason, some of us think they are better, brighter or God knows why, have an angelic ring above their heads.  The phrase, “anything you can do I can do better” is their lives motto.


Well let me give you all some flash news, no one is really better than others.  It’s mostly about luck and some hard work, my dear friends. The hard work part is still under some skepticism.

We’re better off just living our lives the best we can and minding our business. Trying to give back more than receiving, and never trying to gain advantage over those who are the most vulnerable.

We can’t become judges over someone else’s life because each person has a unique set of circumstances that make them who they are and can’t be attached or seen through the loop of our set of circumstances.

We get to learn lessons each day.  One of the saddest I’ve learned was witnessing how a dear friend while in life, always tried to get back to his ex-wife and in his passing left a child he loved dearly, basically unprovided for.

My grandmother in her wisdom would have said, “Se saca los ojos el mismo”, which means he removed his eyeballs himself.  Yikes, that’s a form of self laceration. In other words, it’s bringing pain to ourselves.

So my dear friends, never forget that life is a wheel.  Sometimes you’re up and others you’re down.  It’s important we do not forget how it feels to be on the down side when we’re enjoying the view from the top because life changes in a second.

Never stop believing in yourself or the beauty of life.

See you around the corner.





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