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The last day of the year.

As last night’s shadows disappear slowly and our new day rises bright and clear, that’s how I want to think about the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

Everyone today hurries to scribble their resolutions and hopes for the upcoming year and that’s fine.   There is absolutely nothing wrong in hoping to carry ourselves better than the day before.

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When the 31st came around last year, my husband and myself wrote down some financial goals.  We were hoping to commit and do them in 2014, but life got in the way.  From the get go 2014 proved  hard to live through.  My father in law passed away in January 24th, and my health took a toll in February that lasted almost until almost “yesterday”.

Today I’m more than ready to let 2014 go.  Our financial goals are still written and since faith is a resilience thing, we will be working on those same goals during this upcoming year.

However, it’s not only about our plans or goals.  It’s about letting things go and building or reconstructing new ones.  The end of the year is a perfect time for this.  It’s a stop and go situation, where we get to close the door on all the ugly stuff and try to make it to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I really hope this doesn’t sound silly or ridiculous in fact.  But, it’s important to once in a while let yourself dream a bit.  When we close ourselves to hope, or to believing we shut down an important part of living.

Life has less beauty then many would really like, so it’s in a very limited window of time that we get to feel blessed or content with all that surrounds us.

My grandmother would always say, “No hay felicidad completa.”.  Meaning that happiness in our lives will never complete, probably it had to do with the time she grew up in.  The situation in our Island in the beginning of the 20th century wasn’t easy, opportunities and food were scarce and she was more than entitled to her jaded view of happiness.

Although knowing this hasn’t stopped me from believing that she had a point.

Even in moments where we are totally happy there is always a thorn to our side on some particular thing.

Even if 2015 doesn’t live up to what we want out of it, it’s okay because “no hay felicidad completa.”  It’s only a matter of perspective, and knowing that a bit of hope will do us no harm and so much good can come out of it.

Let’s get going and write those resolutions or hopes down on a piece of paper where we can see and believe in them because that’s what life is all about.  Some good and some bad, but hey remember it’s all about hope.

So, “mis queridos amigos y amigas” thanks for being part of my life through my blog in this 2014 and never stop believing in yourself or the good of life.

“Hasta la próxima” and Happy New Year!