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I’ve heard many times of life’s roads and the choices we make as we walk through them.

For some these roads are trails, for others they are highways. None the less, all of them are paths.

These are the paths of our spirit.

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In occasions we choose good over bad, in others bad over good.  The hard part of bad over good is that we don’t get a chance to fix whatever it is we did wrong and then need to learn to live with regret, remorse or any other thing you want to call it.

A lesson I’ve learned is,  the bigger the mistake, the heavier the remorse.

Our paths bring  tough and  great times, as they come along we can’t hang on to neither for more than a moment in time. They come and go and nothing we can do will stop this reality from happening.

Every experience we get to live are lessons learned.  Teachers are meant to be facilitators in the learning process.  They engage us and help us discover what we want to learn.

Jesus often asked questions to his disciples, guiding them to discover the world that surrounded them and the lessons that were pertinent to them.

I love this way of teaching and learning.

Questions should be a part of our being.  They should be the ones guiding us through our paths.  Helping us discover where, when and how we need to make our way in the world.

Writing is my learning path, it’s my outlet in this process, it  gives me the opportunity to voice my questions.  It has  helped me see clearly who and where I stand on the important issues.

Not having questions in our lives, but instead tons of information coming in without pondering about any of it is dangerous because we surrender to others are learning paths  and usually  make the wrong turn.

It’s not about being told what to do, or how to think.  It’s about taking in all that surrounds us and making the right choices.  When situations like the ones going on in Fergunson play it’s important to stop and think,

‘Hey, what was going on in the head of the police officer that killed this young man?”

He took a turn in his path and he has to live with whatever the choice he made in his moment in time. I’m not judging or trying to answer his motivation, but learn something from it. Each story has two sides and I’m not a fan and taking stand on either one of them.  Basically because I constantly remind myself,

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

We’re in no place to judge or criticize others.  It’s best to let us figure out what’s happening answering the questions in our heads.  I’m sure everyone has them, the difference is that some choose to answer and other do not want to deal with that.

Our paths are intertwined with each other.  Some call it destiny, others prefer not to.  I’m a strong believer that we need to develop a keen sense of everyone and everything that surrounds us because we’re bound to miss something important if we don’t.

So you see, my dear friends, it’s all about listening to the questions in our heads and tuning our spirit to walk on the right paths.  Pleading to whatever it is you or myself believe in to guide us through our ways.

And remember never stop believing in yourself or the good of life.

“Hasta la próxima.”