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My life hasn’t been perfect and I believe that most people think the same.

We live each day hoping good things come around and struggling at the same time to put things right.

Either way I’m mostly grateful of all the people and things I have in my life.

Each morning I get to wake up next to the love of my life.  A kind and compassionate man who has graced me with his love since we were teenagers.  The one I fumbled innocently with, unaware of the things we would have to live through.  We have remained together through and through no matter what.

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My children are all grown up and I get to be part of their lives as well.  I’m excited watching them make their way in life.  Two going off to graduate school, the other planning his life after his graduation this Summer.  Making plans, dreaming, hoping and just plain living.  I’m very thankful they make me part of all that.  They’re more than ready to begin living away from the nest and that’s fine.  I’ll kiss them and just let them know if anything goes wrong I’m just a phone call away and we can talk.  They all know life isn’t perfect and sometimes we just have to rearrange our plans when sucky things happen.

My parents are still strong and independent, as well as my mother in law.  My husband and myself celebrate this because we still don’t have to become their caregivers.  Down the road, that will come around and we need to be ready to face it, when it does. However since we’re still not there, we are grateful.

I’m grateful that my father in law passed away peacefully and without pain this year. I’m also grateful because his passing opened my heart to kindness and compassion for all who suffer cancer in any way of form, and most of all because the beauty of love is that it’s something we give freely and if we get a bit bruised it’s nothing that won’t eventually heal. Opening up to others has more positives then negatives any given day.

I’m grateful for my daughter that gave me an insight of immigration issues.  She gave me a face and a life in the ocean of anonymous faces that compound the immigrants in the States.  She gives up her free time to serve this community in Tucson, AZ, since they have taken her in as one of their own.  I’m blessed I’ve gotten to know Rosa, who is in sanctuary in Southside Presbyterian Church, through her descriptions and anecdotes.

I’m grateful because Ian is part of my life.  However, scared I feel that his parents can take him away some time soon because they are relocating in the States.  He’s been a big part of my life for the past three and a half years and will always be.  He’ll always be in my heart, no matter what.  Sometimes destiny just calls and things change. Loving him isn’t something I will ever regret, even if it does come along with some pain.

I’m grateful I suffer a chronic disease because it’s make me aware of the beauty of treasuring special moments and being happy any given day I’m feeling good.

So, you see my dear friends all of us should be grateful that even if our life isn’t perfect we get to live it the way we want.  Most of us have more good, than bad, but we often choose bad over good to dwell upon.  Let’s highlight the good in our lives and just say thank you life.

You’ve given me grief over joy some years and during others you’ve given me joy over grief, but still each year has been worth of living because nobody said life would be perfect.

See you around the corner and never stop believing in the good of life or yourself. Happy Thanksgiving.