In more than in an occasion my beloved mother in law has told me do be careful of my words and actions because they can always backfire when you least expect it. In other words, let it go!

I can let go of almost everything, because I hate conflict. Growing up in a house where conflict was our daily bread can leave a mark or two.

But when it comes down to defending my stance on somethings I will never let it go.  That’s who I am and always will be.   Even it means getting into a discussion here or there while  defending my points of view.   Always hoping to never hurt anyone, but never becoming a pushover on the important things.

If we’re not sure about that, our life can spiral everywhere and eventually we will be losing the things that matter the most to us.  Knowing yourself gives you a heads on in life.  You know where you want to go, even if you don’t know how to get there.

The things we learn on our way is what’s really important.

In an era that is well-known for the easiness in which we can get information we can become experts de facto on almost anything or everything.  We can see the world through the lens of a camera or a site on the web.  We can daydream of the places we would like to go or people we would like to meet.

But if we don’t know ourselves well enough, how are we going to know where to go or begin building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Another great thing about understanding who we are is that we can cope with life’s difficulties (which are many) and disappointments.  Sometimes we lead ourselves straight into our major disappointments because our expectations are to high, based in the unreal or it’s not happening now or never.

Along this journey we are going to get our heart-broken more often than find joy, but such is life.  We can’t jump for joy every two seconds because it’s unrealistic, but when we do get to jump because we’re having a glorious day, go for it, you will never regret making that leap.

Coping is a major issue in our lives.  As we understand ourselves with each passing day, we get to choose the battles that are worth fighting for.  I’ve never doubted God’s grace in my life, but I”m not naïve enough to  confine the existence of an eternal God to my historical period.  The same God I worship has been around for 4.54 billion years.  A curious fact is that scientists believe that our planet is as old as our Universe.

Which makes me understand that religion is a complete an absolute fraud most of the time.  Our spirituality of the other hand is not. I’m always amazed when I look around and gaze at God’s creation.  My aunt is always talking about men’s sinful ways, but never cares about how to conserve Earth’s beauty and resources.

Our beautiful planet is God’s creation and I know that my duty to him is to live hand in hand with it.  I would have loved to live in a period where beauty and danger surrounded men.  Where our Earth was young and its resources were many.   The only thing that I would have had to worry about was surviving to see the next day.  Not one church, synagogue, or mecca was built but men rejoiced in worship feeling blessed about the glory of creation.  Was God there, absolutely!

It can sound outrageous or even blasfemic to some, but that’s how I embrace each day . What about you?  Are you brave enough to look deep deep inside and accept those who surround you as they are? Are you willing to accept who you are?

In our era we seldom forget that it’s not about how much we may know, but about who we are.  It’s time to stop, close your eyes for as long as you need to and listen to the sounds around you.  Think about who you are today and if it’s really you or someone that has let things go for way too long.

Let’s all stop and  acquaint ourselves with ourselves.  The rest “mis queridos amigos” will fall into place.  So, remember never stop believing in the good of life or yourself.

Hasta la próxima.