Wait…Wait..Here it Comes: Tomorrow

This journey we call life is full of things that are dark and seem to be endless, surrounding us in a pitch darkness.

I know for a fact that some people don’t have time, energy or even care enough to indulge in pity parties. I can understand and even relate with them a bit.


Each and every one of us once in a while are entitled to one, it gets a bit tiring to be always riding the high horse. Ever now and then life does sucks, and our first instinct is to do the ostrich act. HIDE OUR HEADS IN THE GROUND.


Today I stumbled on a great song written by my all time favorite Phil Collins, where he sings beautifully that if we don’t stop believing daylight will reach us somehow and somewhere.

It’s damn hard waiting for that great day yet to come, but you know my friends we just can’t stop hoping it’s coming our way.

Let’s face it, we really need to snap out of trying to think that it’s all about what others think or even do so we do need to stop and get a grip of ourselves because it’s really about us knowing that tomorrow the Sun is going to rise and all of us far and near will feel it’s warmth and glow. It’s clarity will make us feel that even though we think that it’s not probable tomorrow things are going to be looking good for us once more.

So my “mis queridos amigos” hang in there tonight because tomorrow our beautiful Sun is going to be shining down at us with new opportunities.

See you around the corner.

Without forgetting to never stop believing in yourself and the good of life.

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