Just reading about the humongous problem we are facing in the military and in our schools on sexual violence makes me feel the creeps.

Looking at banners that read, “No means yes and yes means anal” is disgusting.

Which rises the next question,

Why are we horrified when we read about the sexual violence that children and women face in the Middle East at the hands of savages that enlist themselves in groups as ISIS or the Taliban?

What about the horror that men and women suffer in our own back yard?

It does not even make sense!

Our government sends troops to save them, but who save our own?

Our schools receive funding from the federal government that should ensure the ladies and gentlemen who are enrolled, that they should never doubt their safety and physical integrity. If so, how come they don’t feel safe?

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t either if I was a student at Yale visiting the Women’s Center and a group of hooligans chanted,

“No means yes, and yes means anal”

Would you?

What’s more straightforward than, yes or no? Yes means yes and no means no!

It enrages me that figures like Rush Limbaugh or any other give out the wrong message.

So my dear friends, let’s cut the crap and face our ugly realities because if we don’t our life and social values mean absolutely nothing.

See you around the corner!