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Usually I’m up before anyone in this household, drinking my cup of Joe, just amazed that a new day is here.

strong and sweet

I don’t tune my television to news.

However, it hasn’t always been like this.  I used to get up with the break of dawn, began brewing my coffee and turned on the television to listen to the news while keeping myself busy in the kitchen.

What a huge mistake!!!!

My day began with war, violence, and all the things that are going wrong on our beautiful blue ball.  Not good!

It took me a while to figure that one out, the news made me feel insecure and I passed that down to my children.  When they left for school I would talk about being careful because I had listened to a child abduction story, as years passed and they began going out, I would hassle my daughter about the dangers of date rape or any other kind of rape to tell you the truth.

I could go on until you are bored to death, that’s why I’m stopping now just to make my point.  I stopped seeing the beauty each morning brings to see the horrors we were living as humanity.

Now a days I begin my days with my faithful cup of Joe, and positive thoughts.

You know, things are the way they are and tuning in to the bad isn’t going to really make a difference.  Nowadays I only check the weather in Kansas (because my brother and his family live there), and in Arizona (because my daughter lives there). My phone gets the breaking news and I only check on the headlines, usually I leave out reading about them for later on during the day.

It’s not that we are going to bury our heads underneath the sand, it’s more like,

Let’s deal with that later on during the day.

So my friends, let’s begin our days with positive instead of negative because believe me the negative is going to catch up pretty quickly even if you begin your day without it and enjoy at least those first moments in our day where we get to sip our coffee just like we like it, for me it’s sweet and strong.

Take your pic on yours!

See you around the corner and never stop believing in the beauty of life or yourself.