What’s your color?

Change requires an effort.

Life is full of colors and shades of those same colors, what’s your color?

It’s so much easier being your same old, same old.  It’s not demanding and you can just live day by day without doing much then the regular things you always do.

Now talk about stepping out of your comfort zone and that’s something.

I’m not only talking about a make over of some sort, but something a bit more complicated like  changing our ways and/or our thoughts.  How we think basically guides us through major life choices and every other thing that goes on as well.

To  tell you the truth, I was pretty much set in my ways a couple of years ago.

Today, not so much.  I have to thank my grown up children for that.  I no longer view the world and everyone that surrounds me with the same perspective in life.

My horizon is so much more these days because of my developed tolerance for everyone that’s not like me.  This amazing world we live in is packed with people, all so different and and at the same time so alike.  This contradicting reality taunts me as I reflect about our human nature.

Our society harbors gays, straights, cruel, compassionate, black, white, yellow, brown, lazy, workaholics, racists, misogynist, activists, bullies, and I could go on for a while.  However, the point is that this is something that isn’t going to change.

As a society we can’t validate wrong doings that harm our society and country, but we need to learn to respect other people’s points of view.

We have a way to lessen the power of negative things that overcome us often.

For instance, some time ago my daughter was very angry because she was the target for racist prejudice and comment from a white Caucasian male, she was referred as brown.  She called me as she drove to her office recalling the incident, you know I told her,

-If you let this get to you, they’ve won.-

-Why??- She responded bitterly.

-Well, because they’ve gotten under your skin.  Even if they are no longer in front of you, you are still carrying them with you.-

-Just think about them in a funny circumstance

I asked her what did he look like before going on, making sure he didn’t look like a Calvin Klein underwear model, after I made sure he was just a regular guy I went on,

-You know, think about him in very ugly underwear and as he talks to you say a bunch of silly Puerto Rican phrases about him to yourself. –

That did the trick because she was laughing her head off after I said a few myself.  Even if it made me angry as well, I dealt with it in another way trying not to give it too much importance.

That my dear friends is called tolerance endurance.  It takes guts to be tolerant in situations where we are personally involved.  People need to learn acceptance, we are what we are.

Even if its tough we need to learn to mitigate some things that will never change.  If we can’t make things change we need to learn to work around them.

Thinking about the children in Nogales, if our government doesn’t do what’s right and solves this terrible situation then something else needs to be done.  What about spreading the voice and trying to get visiting passes to go along and talk to them a while,  bring them books or things they may need, maybe becoming mentors helping them rise above the circumstance, writing a letter to a congressman, or just telling someone you know about them, if you’re far way what about developing a pen pal system???

Anything that will make it more tolerable, trying to bring a bright color into a very dark night.

It’s all about not seeing in black and white.  Life is full of all sorts of colors with their variant shades.  Let’s find one that suits us.  I like to think that all forms of cruelty are the dark ones and all good is bright, but none the less are color palette has them all.

So you see “mis queridos amigos” it’s all about what we do to find where we are on that palette because when our lives reach to an end, we will take nothing but what we did while we were living because that’s what life is all about.

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