Myasthenia Gravis

In the Eyes of Reality

It’s funny how you can detach yourself from reality.

June is MG’s Awareness Month where the most important thing is to educate people about the disease and how it affects people who suffer from it.

I thought I was doing my fair share of work by posting on my wall different banners that talked about the disease.

For a moment I felt appalled, after I took time to read the one I was posting to my brother’s wall.

what would you do


I’m not even sure my brother is fully aware of what me having Myasthenia really means.  However, this banner didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

For a moment I felt overwhelmed.

It described who I was and where I’ve been in the past six years.  When my son asked what I was doing, I told him that I was posting banners on Facebook to create awareness.  His answer pretty much summarized my feelings.

-Mom, take it easy with the posting, that’s going to make you sad.  I feel sad when I read it, and it’s not me.

He was checking his FB account on his phone, so he knew what I was up to.

The point is that sometimes and just sometimes any chronic disease can overwhelm you.  I don’t know how people who advocate so strongly for a cause don’t become the cause after a while.

Or is it that they can detach themselves at one point, to be able to cope with the situation.

I’m not sure if my one and only brother wants to deal with this now, but I felt compelled to just let him know through a banner how I felt.  I wasn’t tagging him on my banners only my husband and kids so they could put them up on their walls. But suddenly I felt an urge to tag him with the above banner.  After a couple of minutes he “liked” it.  Are you suppose to like something like that?

My post read, I am MG.

What do you like, that I have MG or was your “like” to say here I am? Either way, I replied and asked him to post it on his wall if he “liked” it.

A lot of people don’t know I suffer from MG, they don’t even know what’s wrong with me.  All they know is that I’ve been sick for more time that they can remember.  Some time ago, a friend told me you look so much better than what you have.

While I was posting my banners, I placed a couple of them in my daughter’s inbox.  It’s time for her to post one too, she may not be telling the world,

-You know what, I love a person with MG.

Basically because even though she’s accepted it a long time ago, it fills her heart with sorrow.  Just as it does with my boys.

So you see “mis queridos amigos” we have to face our realities one way or another because if we don’t we’re missing on the important part which is moving on and that is one of the things that life is all about.


2 thoughts on “In the Eyes of Reality

  1. I wondered if anyone else struggled with the implications of “liking” a post with content of a sad or difficult nature! I am sorry that you suffer from MG, but despite saying “I am MG”, it sounds like you have faced reality and you are much more than a person with the disease.

    1. Susan thanks for reading and sharing your insight. I’ve moved on thanks to my husband and children, but it hasn’t been easy. I delayed facing my illness, but finally I think I’ve gotten a hold of it. I’m going back to school to finish my masters with a possibility of getting into a doctoral program in Bilingual Ed. The road has been tough, but doable. I should have wrote I am more than MG, don’t you think? Gracias.

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