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Can you be a spiritual person and still advocate for yourself? In other words, does being spiritual mean you always forfeit your own self-interests for others?

These are rich questions.

Healers dedicate their lives in service to others, but often struggle with appropriate boundaries. Without proper boundaries, healers, empathetic people and those who are religious, spiritual and service-minded can easily take on the worries and problems of others.

The result can be stress, depression, guilt and chronic fatigue. Women are particularly susceptible to this because the majority of us are raised to be caregivers and put others first–the family, spouse, or aging parents—and yes, even strangers.

As a result, we see a lot of emotional exhaustion in women. And that’s because most of us have never learned to properly take care of ourselves.

I know when I was married I put my energy into supporting my husband’s career, though I…

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