Myasthenia Gravis

“Fiel en lo poco y en lo mucho”

Running into the rain isn’t crazy for any Puerto Rican on May 1st because if you do, then good fortune will come towards you.  Yeah, right!

I’m not sure a shower on May 1st or any other day will bring me good fortune as a matter of fact.  I’ll be more inclined to think that good fortune comes around if it’s right where it should be, inside our hearts.

Good fortune and well-being aren’t things that are flown straight to you from absolutely no where.  They are things you work for, earn with your effort and about the well-being.  Well, that’s another thing, if you don’t feel it, then it’s an effort you need to work on until the day comes when you can take a long breath and think,

“You know what???  Things are going to be just fine.”

A bit ironic I could venture to say this, when write at this moment, I’m in the hospital going through an intravenous inmunoglobulin treatment, but what can I feel other than gratitude because my health insurance covers my very expensive treatment.

Even if my self-assurance is on an empty stomach because today lunch was not delivered to room 163 (where I will be staying for the next five days).

I could either bark at the nurse who eventually gets the memo that I’ve not eaten or just simply say thank you.

I’m still not sure what  it’s  going to be.

Maybe I’ll stick to the thank you, it’s better to give than to receive.  Who cares if I’m a bit hungry, it’s not like I’m starving.  Me or any other any person I know really understands that anyway.

It can even be good for my spirit!

We are so full of ourselves sometimes that we forget what it’s like to endure just a bit of suffering. Even if it sounds a bit of a cliché, or even corny, the catchy phrase of a song I’ve listened to in the radio just hangs to my thoughts,,,,

“What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.”

It’s not like just waiting for thirty minutes or so, till my knight in shining armour (my hubby) gets here with a warm and delicious baked potato with turkey and a bit of butter, and a fruit cocktail as dessert, is going to break me, however it makes me appreciate him even more.

My Mamita (endearment all of us used to call my grandmother) used to say,

“El que no es fiel en lo poco, no lo puede ser en lo mucho”

Which means, whoever isn’t faithful with very little can never expect to be so when they have abundance.

Which takes my thoughts to my few as well as my abundance.

Maybe my health is my few, however my abundance are the people who care for me and give it all for my well-being.  Even if I have both in my life I need to remain faithful to all my life’s circumstances.

My abundance is all around me, and my few has helped me appreciate and love them even more.

I can even go out of my way and appreciate my few in those nurses who need to go back to school for retraining because they make me value my abundance in those nurses who go out of their way just to make you feel healed and cared for even if there shift is full of so many things (including tons of hard work).

So you see my dear amigos, let’s value our few as well as our abundance because where would we be without them.  Bottom line, that’s what life is all about.



3 thoughts on ““Fiel en lo poco y en lo mucho”

  1. Hi Maritza! I trust all went well with your treatment and you woke up to feeling grateful and aware of the goodness in your life. I too agree that we might not be able to control what happens, but we can always control our response to what happens! Enjoy the contrast AND the healing! ~Kathy

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