Myasthenia Gravis

Can “will power” keep you healthy?

I decided to write a question instead of a title because it was too good to let it go.  At least for me!

The sweet nurse that got my record going in my new doctor’s office,  thought so.

If you read my blog you may or may not know that I live with Myasthenia Gravis.

If you want to hear a bit about my definition of what this is just click and you’ll get yourself a little story.  That is if you are interested, people who are, usually have a personal interest.  If not they just don’t care.  I’m not saying this in a mean way, but in a matter of fact way.

Nobody really wants to hear sob stories or anything related to medical issues unless you are suffering from some sort of ailment.

I would personally prefer the oblivion of a trashy Harlequin novel to tell you the truth.  So, who am I to blame anyone?

Now coming back to my title question and the dear nurse that helped me this afternoon.  She was quite comical in a sense, she made me feel good about myself even if she was drilling me with questions.

She said,  “You are my second patient with Myasthenia.”

I thought, Wow! On an island with more than four million people, I know there must be some out there. I know for sure relying on statistics that I can find at few as 199 or as many as 599 more than me living with MG in Puerto Rico.

In other words, the range is from 50 to 150 per million!

My obliged question is, “How old is he?

Well, 74, he has a bunch of health issues, but he doesn’t let them ruffle his hair. “

I thought well at that age few things ruffle your hair anyway.

She went on talking to me about coping and living with my illness, not that I need a crash course.  I’ve lived with it for more than eight years now, so I definitely got the memo.

Don’t let it depress you!”  she went on to state in her warm, kind voice.

Thank God I actually liked her, if not I would have been so pissed.  I hate it when people tell me how to take things when they don’t have an idea of what its like.

I’m not into depression.” I replied.  Could have added easily I blog instead. That sure keeps things at bay.

Here comes the title,

You know, if you really want it you can keep healthy using your mind.” She actually believed it, and went on…

“Don’t let things get to you.”

I just nodded and thought to myself, how in Earth can you will yourself healthy. Thoughts take a toll on us and worries basically kill what’s left.

BAM!  (Think about Batman’s comics when he was into a fight with the Joker or anyone that was a threat to Gotham City).  That sort of BAM!

via Google Images

People who suffer any kind of illness or ailment should be able to wear a super hero shield.  That would take away all the awkward moments they (including myself) have to live through.

It wasn’t fun to hear about a 74+ that needs to be fed with a straw.  I could only think about my mom who is 72 and is a firehouse and in full command of her life.  Being fed, walked or wheeled in, isn’t a nice pic into my future, I prefer not to know.

Even though I fully appreciate her wishes and coaching in all, it’s not fun to worry about Prednisone induced diabetes and its effect on my body, specially my kidneys.  My heart goes out to all of you out there who suffer from Diabetes.

Which ultimately led me to believing that even if we don’t like it,  we can’t protect ourselves one hundred percent, but I’m going to try the best I can.

My super hero invisible shield should do the work!  Even if it sounds silly or even stupid!  On the road ahead, I’ll at least try to empower myself as I protect my thoughts and heal myself in the process. Even if its only to feel for a second in time,  that I’m okay.

So the answer “queridos amigos”   to the opening question, is maybe yes or maybe no, it all depends on you and you only. Would you give it a try?






One thought on “Can “will power” keep you healthy?

  1. So true, but the most unerving part is that a dr said that to you! I once had a dr tell me i was ill b/c of the meds i take. Umm, he didn’t even stop to do blood work, ask questions, or look at my GP’S notes. His prognosis was to go off all the meds and i would be fine. A few months later i was diagnosed with RA. I wanted to take my labs confirming RA to that man and say, “See, i am sick!” Then they are ppl who tell you it just means you need to have a good attitude and everything wwill get better. Gotta love ppl’s ignorance.

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