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Anyone that attends church services regularly has had their fair share of sermons delivered right to their ear if not their heart.

Now, now.. don’t get me wrong it’s not that my heart has grown cold and is as solid as a rock.  It’s that once in a while you get stuck with two or maybe three hours of nothing.  My nothing evolved into something last Sunday.

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I’m not complaining, it is what it is.  Some time ago one of my cyber buddies, told me maybe I was in the wrong denomination.   After I called my brothers and sisters “the frozen chosen”.

The thing is that I’m to lazy to move to another denomination.   Plus, I wouldn’t be able to witness all of these life changing moments.  I’ll really like to just share a few.

Where else could I find people, who as we sing songs that enlighten our spirits are wrestling with their children.  The same children that throw fits and give their own share of spankings to their parents or grandparents.  It’s worth celebrating (irony here) how adult spiral out of control teaching the younger ones how to deal with stress?

Where else could I find people who on a moment’s notice are ALL with their smart phones in hand recording the songs that two kids are singing upfront? Which by the way have a decent voice, but are not in The Voice. You wouldn’t want to think somebody is a show off,  displaying  their phones or tablets, would you?   NONE THE LESS, IT’S KIND OF COOL GETTING SUCH A HUGE DISPLAY OF THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY AROUND.

Where else could I if find people who step inside our church just to be able to take part in the last blessing our pastor gives us?  (They are the epitome of punctuality).

Where else could I find people who are dressed for clubbing instead of church?  With a few not having received Clinton or Stacey’s memo about short skirts after 30!

Where else could I see little girls with enough make up to scare the crap out of me? They looked like to macabre dolls from a horror movie.  They could have been King or Poe’s muse.

Where else could I see people chatting in the church’s chambers with total irreverence as where they are.  It’s not like we could use a moment of quiet to connect with ourselves and those who surround us???   Naaa.

Where else could I hear someone referring to another one as “gay” as if it was a joke?

Where else could I hear vulgarities as the ones I heard,  as I made the line to treat myself with some delicious appetizers trying to have a nice conversation with the person next to me, after the service?

Where else could I witness how a forester in our land wasn’t given the smallest attention and was forsaken just because he didn’t speak our language. Not even the slightest effort (me included)?

Where else could I hear a sermon that did NOT outline anything I believe in?

Don’t jump on my horse and say YOU are judgmental and that’s wrong, but the thing is that I”m not.  They are what they are, and each and one of them are life hacks for me.  All of them teach me valuable lessons, surpassing in occasions the sermon.  They teach me “What not to be!”.  They enlighten my spirit, so I don’t do the same stupid things, they teach me lessons on reverence, compassion, assurance, punctuality, respect, fashion and above all love.

So, you see my dear friends, sometimes life simply amuses you a bit teaching you things in the places you least expect it to. Or maybe it’s the other way around and this is exactly the place where I needed to learn them because maybe I was the one that didn’t get the memo about how difficult it is to change our human nature.  God loves them knowing who they are, so why can’t I?