“Lo que se da, no se quita.”

Promises, promises.

One of the many promises we make throughout our lives is being faithful to someone.  It’s not obliged, a promise is something we give freely.

Faithful…. meaning believing, hoping and then having the assurance that nobody will ever take the unique place you have given your wife or husband in your life.

Fast forwarding, how do you keep that promise when relationships go through the wear and tear they eventually do, and our vows are nested in the back of our heads and hearts.

Forgetting the perfect gift we gave freely, our faithfulness.

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By the way, I’ve always been faithful.

Not one single moment in the past thirty years I’ve been in a relationship with my today husband (to which I’ve been married for more than 25 years).  I’ve never deviated, never felt the necessity, urge or temptation.

Now is when you say,  “You have to be f*&^ing kidding me!”.

To go on, “Sure you have,  be real, you probably have wanted to screw someone along the way.”

Well, “mis amigos” I haven’t.

I gave my promise freely and my husband has treasured it like no other thing in his life.  I appreciate my faithfulness and his own much more when I have listened to any story someone can tell me about a cheating wife or husband.  All I do afterwards, is just give him a big hug and cascade him with kisses.

Even the word sounds nasty, “cheating”.

I’m not sure what the secret is.

It could be that we have always been openly honest, knowing that along the way of our lives, there could come a time when the urge or temptation made an ugly entrance.  We made a pact that if it would come along, we would immediately let the other one know.  Being unfaithful is so easy, it’s more comfortable than facing the fact that you no longer want or love the other person, but are too lazy to put a stop to it all.

For some it can be named, mortgage, joint properties or business, their family image, reputation, even losing neighbors who became life long friends, families, and so many other things.



As for tomorrow, you never know we could become the lazy ones, but I honestly hope to God that we don’t do that to ourselves ever.

It’s so sad picturing my husband in a dual relationship with another person.  It would break my heart, not knowing if I would ever recover from an event like that.

Is is hard to keep what we give freely, sure it is.

Basically because we change many times throughout our life span and we forget to adjust our promises to our today.

Faithfulness, is not only a promise, but a precious gift we freely give.

Let’s be careful never to forget to keep our promises and like my grandma used to say, “lo que se da, no se quita”, which means what we give freely should never be taken back.

How so?

Easy, in the moment we share with our partners what’s going on, without being unfaithful, even if the relationship is beyond repair we have kept our promise of assuring the unique place of that other person in our hearts if not forever in our lives. Probably, it would hurt real bad at the beginning, but with the passing of time it will hurt less.  That’s how I would like it to be anyway.

So you see my dear friends, life isn’t perfect, but just don’t forget that standing by what we believe in has its perks.  One of my favorite’s is peace of mind.



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