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Does your family have black sheep?

I tend to think that most families do.

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On the other hand, the concept of what we believe makes up a black sheep is another matter all together.

When coming across the term “black sheep” the image that pops up is someone who doesn’t blend or falls into the “norm”, well at least when I think about my family or relatives.

Becoming a “black sheep” is easier than you would think.

The funny thing about being on the “list” is that the rest of the clan gangs up on who ever is on it.  Usually becoming the topic of frequent discussions about his or her life that end in harsh and strong criticism towards who ever they are talking about.

Creating distance from these situations has been my number one priority for the past couple of years.  To be exact since the beginning of 2012.  Why?  Basically because I vowed never to judge another person’s life as part of my New Year’s resolutions during that year. That said, today as I live through 2014 that resolution holds strongly to who I am today.

Trying to understand the “black sheep” of my family I’ve learned to take part of their lives even if its only in my imagination.  The basis of my understanding and non-judgmental attitude is that I’ve made my share of mistakes in the past.  Some I live with others I have learned to forgive myself and move on.

Every now and then I listen to fragments of the angry pack of wolves ready to pounce on the lonely “black” sheep out there in the green pastures of life, and I can’t help myself think how full of ourselves we become.  Just because you’ve decided to follow the pack doesn’t mean that you can’t feel empathy for the stray that has decided otherwise.

I would humbly think that the ones that get the most criticism are those who are facing financial troubles.  Everyone becomes an expert on budget, on what they would do, passing judgment on each and every thing that person is doing.  It’s easy to voice ourselves when it’s not our problem.

My respect goes for those who at least try to help, or simply keep their voices locked in their heads.  The truth is nobody can live another person’s life.  Jeez… it’s hard enough living our own.

How nice would it be if we could experience bundles and bundles of empathy towards each other?

Probably we wouldn’t have any “black sheep” at all.  It’s as easy as beginning with one word, understanding.  Even if we can’t help or change that little black sheep we try to make sure he or she knows they can count on us, even if its only for acceptance.

You know, mis queridos amigos, it’s like my grandfather would always say, you never know where life can take you, so think before you judge other people’s lives.