Knowing Love is Enough

So many circumstances can lead a match made in heaven to imminent disaster when life’s circumstances take a toll on the relationship.

We’ve seen over and over how happily married couples can become distant and eventually the inevitable infidelity comes around the corner among so many other things as well.

Sometimes love just isn’t enough to make a couple stay  and move together towards the future.  The saddest part is that they choose to ignore all the signs along the way that were signaling for a stop. One that could have helped them mend whatever it was that needed mending.

When two people marry out of love their hearts and minds join (if only for the duration of the ceremony) with happiness, a sense of fulfillment and faith as they face their future together.

Sometimes their bliss doesn’t even make it pass their honeymoon, and we need to ask ourselves, why?

With increasing divorce statistics our younger generations are viewing marriage as a risk and asses it as one.

What can we do to restore people’s faith in marriage?  One of the things we can try is to customize our idea on love.  Let’s make it up, close and personal and we may discover it works better for us.

For some love are moments along the married life where happiness, passion, friendship or even convenience are found in bits.  In other words, love has many phases and meanings, it’s an individual thing.

For me love is being in peace with myself and my husband and settling in bed when the day is over, knowing we can face anything as long as we’re together.

Yet things aren’t so simple, in married life not only do we deal with affection, love, emotions, trust and so many more. Whereas we can’t forget about the other side of the coin, sex, wanting and sometimes just sheer lust. Who said you can’t feel pure, simple, and honest lust for your husband or wife?

Some face marriage as it was a mirage, when they look at it from afar they see castles and fairy tales, but when they come closer all they find is emptiness and sorrow. That’s why precisely we need to face marriage with an open and honest approach. Knowing beforehand what WE want out of it, so it is tailored for us.

Marriage is dynamic, it’s always changing, basically because we do too.  That’s the great thing about life, our experiences shape who we become each day and that affects our relationships as well.

Let’s face it as months become years, and years become decades, and decades become a life long relation, “until death do us apart” can and will become a very loooooong time.  Hence, we need to make sure that love has to be enough to keep us together.

But not any type of love my dear friends, it has to be the right one for each couple to move on together, if not sadly it will never be enough.

6 thoughts on “Knowing Love is Enough

  1. Thanks Christy and Happy Valentine’s for you as well. You know what? Today’s my 26th Wedding Anniversary, marriage can be tough sometimes but it’s sure worth the effort.

    1. Thanks Lisa for reading my blog. Not only marriage, any kind of relationship takes effort, but at the end its well worth it. Hoping your life is full of love and all the great things it brings with it. May each day be Valentine’s Day,



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