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One one think that immigration has come a long way since the Mayflower, however in moments when hearing  stories like the one my nephew tweeted some days ago I shudder.

To fully understand the point I want to make, here goes the tweet.

WTF moment

Why do people make assumptions about others based solely on the way they look?

What is it with brown, black, white, yellow and all the colors in between?

Hey, if you wanted to make meaningless conversation, please try a safer topic than race.

Really??? Has every Mexican been to Mexico?  Has every Puerto Rican been to Puerto Rico?  Has every English descendant been to England, or Spain, or Finland????

The funniest part of all this mumbo-jumbo is that the United States of America is yet a nation that is on its path to discovery.  A nation born from immigrants, a home away from home, a place that was alien for them.  Where they became the first illegal citizens, running from a government that repressed them in every way.

A nation that is young in age and in history.  Making awful mistakes along the way.

I would not be surprised if we end up like the chilling ending of the long forgotten movie “Planets of the Apes” with Miss. Liberty buried in the ground and a nation in pieces.