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I began blogging almost a year ago on blogger basically because I came home from church fed up.

My faith was in rambles and I needed to vent some of it out.  Probably that’s why my first post was titled “Damage Control“.   For a moment I thought I needed to fix it, now I know better.

Basically my blog’s name was a shout to myself to never stop believing.


Little would I imagine that something that started out with the wrong foot would become such a big part of me.   I forgot about the venting part (even though every once in a while I take advantage of it) and began a path of rediscovering who I was as my fifty’s were around the corner.

During this short time I’ve come to know some people who have been wonderful in more than one way, and without even knowing it I began sharing and connecting with women who were going exactly through the same things I was.  To the point, that I’ve been blessed with many online friendships.

My blog is my personal stamp in life, it’s my editorial.  It’s how I see things around me, it’s how I interact with the world.

I blog about whatever I find amusing, or interesting,  or inspiring, or that frustrates me.  My blog has become my life backpack.  To this day I continue to struggle with my faith, however I no longer feel bad about that.  Life is interactive and so is my faith.

It’s not about the destination like someone pointed out to me some days ago, but about  the journey that takes us where we want to go.  In some sense, my blog are the tales of my journey.  It’s an online testament of how I feel about things.

And,  that my “queridos amigos y amigas”  is what blogging is all about.